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So Ryan Murphy always leaves a teaser to what the next season is in the last couple of eps and I'm wondering whether or not season 6 will be based in a boarding School ?? it just seems a coincidence that 2 characters from this season both get sent to the same one and it is even named a couple of times during the final Episode as the "Thacher-School" so i'm putting this out there now before it's revealed, Then Jessica Lange can come back as the headmistress of the boarding school!!(YAAAASSSS) with Gaga playing a harsh teacher and giving Angela Bassett the kind, nutiring teacher ( I'm thinking this cos apparently she was suprised at the character she would be playing next season)

GEORGE ALEXANDER!! ( [email protected])

What do you guys think, could i be on the right track or way outta line ??

comment below your thoughts on AHS S6!


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