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*Mild Spoilers Ahead* So I just stepped out of seeing Leonardo Dicaprio's latest attempt to win an Oscar: The Revenant. I've always expected big things from him in all of his performances, and I certainly wasn't disappointed in this venture! In Leo's newest role, he plays Hugh Glass, a fur trader who's traveling with his son and colleagues when he's viciously mauled by a grizzly bear.

He's saved in the nick of time but is left invalid as the rest of his team is forced to carry him as they continue on their expedition. Then a selfish partner of his leaves him to die after deciding his life wasn't worth being scalped by a group of Native Americans hot on their trail.

Yet again, Leo's well on his way to the Oscars, hoping to finally bring back a statue to grace his mantle. He definitely deserves the trip, but does he deserve the win? I believe so, and here's my top three points to this argument.

1. It's Unlike Anything He's Done Before

We've seen Leo as a sales-broker con man, a slave owning sadist, a dream infiltrating thief, and many other fantastic roles that garnered him a nomination without a win, but this is something else entirely. Now I did say that there were mild spoilers ahead, but nothing that will give away the progression of the plot, only elements of it. Leo carries so much of this film by himself, as he struggles to survive, alone and wounded, against a tribe of Native Americans and mother nature.

2. His Method Acting

Leo hits the mark with his amazing method acting, giving me the chills at every turn (and not just because of the movie theater A/C!). Acting like you're cold isn't too much of a chore, but how about acting like you're crippled and in pain when you're physically fit? The bear mauling happens pretty early in the film, and he spends the rest of the time collapsing, dragging himself, and limping like his leg is half gone. As a man who's majoring in the "dramatic arts", I know just how difficult this stuff can be.

As the conclusion to this point of my argument, I draw upon a single scene in the film: the grizzly bear attack. As I said, Leo nailed his acting abilities in this film so much, especially with this scene. He spent quite a few minutes reacting to next to nothing, as the bear was completely CGI animated.

Looks pretty real to me!
Looks pretty real to me!

Other than what might've been a fake bear head, covered in green screen, Leo was left to be dragged around, slashed open, and brutalized by nothing. He made one hell of a case that there was something there, ripping him to pieces though.

3. He Already Won the Golden Globe

Some may say that the GG Awards are nothing compared to the Oscars, but I think that this puts Dicaprio in a great position for February. He's already won the Best Actor in a Drama for this role, and I'm thinking this may finally be the year that he gets to take that extra step. It's certainly long past due.

Bonus Point: How about Tom Hardy?

Tom Hardy has also been nominated for an acting award with Best Supporting in the wings. I've been a fan of Hardy since seeing his starring roles in 2008's RocknRolla and Bronson, and I've loved everything that he's done since, from his serious roles in The Dark Knight Rises or Warrior to more comedic roles in This Means War and Inception.

Hardy is a fantastic actor that I personally feel is relatively under-appreciated. I would love for him to win his own Oscar this year as well.

What do you think? Do you personally feel like Dicaprio (or Hardy for that matter) have a chance at getting a statue this year? Who are your Oscar picks for next month? Share in the comments! The 88th Academy Awards will be airing on February 28th this year!


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