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After Jennifer Lawrence had a much publicized encounter with the foreign reporter at the Golden Globes, it was speculated that the reason for such a harsh backlash was because Hollywood has an "It girl' problem. Anna Hathaway and Gwyneth Paltrow were argued to support this argument, but failed to realize is that neither Hathaway nor Paltrow were "It girls".

Some people's dislike for Anne Hathaway purely stems from her being annoying, while people like Gwyneth Paltrow irk us over their pretentious, self obsessed manner of being. While Hathaway hasn't done anything too awful and doesn't feel like she would be a bitch to meet in real life, Gwyenth seems mortifying (though she's friends with Beyonce, so maybe there's something about her only she can see).

The reason people start to dislike "It girls" is rather personal, as it usually take with disliking every person. Gwyneth Paltrow is a rich, privileged woman who thinks her life is more difficult than, say, yours and chooses to write lifestyle books giving us advice about how we should be living. There is a deeply seeded reason to dislike Gwyneth Paltrow. While it's not fair to compare Jennifer Lawrence to someone like this, since she still holds some level of relate-ability, it's also completely fair to dislike her since there's reason to.

People have disliked Gwyneth Paltrow for a very long time and she's never garnered the support and visibility that JLaw has (neither has Hathaway). All three actresses are Academy Awards holders, but no award ceremony ever recognized the other two, or any other actress of Lawrence's age group, as much as it has Jennifer Lawrence. While many people held the spotlight, not only with elite recognition, but general overall popularity (such as Jennifer Aniston or Angelina Jolie), it seems that people fall from our graces mostly due to their own fault.

It was inevitable that people would become tired and recognize that her work has been faulting and her own character proved to be neither special nor inspiring. She was a solid actress who relied heavily on David O Russell, wrongly so, and stopped working somewhere after Winter's Bone to focus on being funny and charming. There were many people who had repeated success and didn't fail in our eyes as artists and to say that it's the public's fault for making Lindsey Lohan a mess to point out that yes some people crack under a spotlight is just wrong.

Now, the public outcry over Jennifer's encounter with the interviewer after the Golden Globes was completely unnecessary and yes the media loves to tear you down, but to say that every instance of negative media reaction was solely perpetrated by the people who love to build people up just to tear them down is untrue. JLaw fails to realize, as she once did, that she is not as amazing as the film business made her out to be and now she's shoved so far down our throats, it's hard to like her (when you know she made 52 mil and got nominated for 4 academy awards while other talented actors got no recognition, money or fame).

Not liking JLaw may seem unprecedented to some, but especially since it's the second year in a row when oscars are whiter than the winter and people like JLaw benefit from it, there is a reason to hold her accountable. The public hates lots of people and it doesn't stop them from being wildly successful and loved by someone. It also gave you a platform and recognition while casting aside many people who didn't have a chance to become annoying. It's also not fair to hold her solely accountable, but as America's Sweetheart it's hard to believe your merit when it looks like Weinstein is just buying the awards and you're a favorite in this elite circle.

Don't worry, Jennifer doesn't seem like a particularly humble and sensitive individual (like Gwyneth Paltrow), she'll be ok if we point out the hypocrisy of her success and influence in Hollywood. But she's not the enemy and its tasteless to bash someone so hard over telling a reporter to stop taking pictures while he's asking a question. Rather bash her for actually failing to be self aware (though it seems that people think just because she cracks a joke or two she totally gets it, she doesn't).


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