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While the news that there would be a new adaption of Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events books as a Netflix series was huge, the big question that it raises could have an even bigger answer, especially if the following rumour is true!

Now, remember the original film version of the books? The film itself was underwhelming, but the performance of Jim Carrey as the infamous Count Olaf was absolutely incredible!

And it is a role which is very challenging to play. You need the perfect blend of ridiculous comedy and craziness for the role, and that is what Jim Carrey is natural at! However, for the Netflix series we are going to need another actor with that same perfect blend, and they don't just grow on trees. Now, try to think carefully about an amazing comedic actor who can also play a total sociopath. Got someone in mind? Then let me show you a picture of him!

Neil Patrick Harris!

How is it possible that I didn't realise this perfect casting was perfect before now? I cannot believe how perfect this would be! And it may actually be happening now, because word on the street (the Entertainment Weekly street, that is) is that the How I Met Your Mother and Gone Girl actor may just be up for the role of Count Olaf in the new Netflix show. And why shouldn't he be? It would be an amazing casting, and would really throw a whole lot of star power into the show, which hasn't yet cast any of the characters. With the other main characters being three children, who are unlikely to be well known actors (except for possibly Violet), it would really help the show to have a household name like Harris in on the project. But is it possible? Harris has got a huge history of comedic characters who are a little bit crazy, or just crazy characters. Olaf loves to dress up in crazy disguises and try to capture the children, and so does Barney Stinson in How I Met Your Mother, except he tries to pick up girls instead of entrap children.

Anyway, the point is that Stinson would be perfect for this role, and it needs to happen now or else I will be incredibly upset. The end.

But... what if he doesn't play the role? Who else could do it? While I never thought of NPH until now, I must think of some other actors that could do it so I will have hope for the role even if Harris doesn't take it on. And here are three possibilities:

Billy Bob Thornton!

An epic actor, with so much ability to change his appearance for roles that I legitimately can't tell sometimes which character he is in a film. I love watching Thornton, even when I don't know it is him, and I think that he could totally take on the Olaf role. He is easily able to play a psycho, and can play hilarious roles too!

Peter Capaldi!

Let's face it. If you take the current Doctor, make him creepier and make him chase orphans instead of aliens, then you have Olaf. Capaldi, who is rumoured to be leaving the BBC show after another year or so, could definitely take on this role to fill the space. I love him as well, and I think that it would work perfectly!

Jim Carrey!

OR you just don't mess with a good thing. Carrey was made to look far older than he was when he played the role in 2004, and could easily do the role again now, and would probably do just as amazing a job as he did twelve years ago!

But what do you think guys? Do you want NPH to take on the role, or would another actor do it more justice? Check out the teaser for the new series, as well as the original trailer for the 2004 film below!


Who Do You Want to See As Olaf?


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