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One of this year's most anticipated films is [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409), which will feature countless members of the Avengers fighting against each other. The movie will also introduce new heroes like Black Panther and - quite possibly the most exciting addition - Spider-Man! He wasn't included in the trailer, but rumors have been circulating for months.

A recent report was released about Spider-Man's role in Captain America: Civil War, suggesting how he comes into play in the first place. Reportedly, he is taken under Tony Stark's wing as he is an avid Stark fan, trying to follow Stark by pursuing a career in science. This is actually very similar to the Spider-Man/Iron Man relationship from the comics.

With this information, a new theory has hit the Internet suggesting we have already seen a much younger version of the Peter Parker during the Marvel Cinematic Universe before he could even swing webs. The theory claims that Spider-Man appeared during 2010's Iron Man 2.

During the climax of Iron Man 2, we witness a young boy at the Stark Expo wearing an Iron Man helmet that confronts one of Vanko's drones before being rescued by Iron Man himself. The theory suggests that this boy is actually a younger Peter Parker.

Iron Man with the purported Peter Parker
Iron Man with the purported Peter Parker

This is actually a very strong theory that pans out within the canon of the MCU. Even though Marvel did not own the rights to Spidey back in 2010, it is actually very plausible that Peter Parker is the boy seen above.

Since Iron Man 2 took place around 2010 in the MCU, taking place approximately 6 months after the first Iron Man, it took place around 6 years before Captain America: Civil War when we first meet Peter Parker. Since Peter is estimated to be around 15 or 16 in Civil War, this would mean Parker was around 9 or 10 during the events of Iron Man 2. That appears to be around the same age as the boy above.

Stark Expo
Stark Expo

The location of this scene actually makes sense too. This moment in the film took place at the Stark Expo which was located in Queens, New York. Peter Parker also grew up in Queens, New York. With Parker growing up an enormous Tony Stark fan, there is no reason he would not convince his Aunt and Uncle to take him to the Expo that was just up the block.

In addition, this moment in Peter's life might have been what convinced him to later become Spider-Man. After all, after a person gets abilities, they aren't always overly keen to put on red and blue spandex. Perhaps this terrifying moment from Peter's childhood, followed by his rescue by a real superhero, is what convinced him to become Spider-Man when he first gained his abilities.

Though it may be quite a stretch, it is actually very possible. For now, there is really nothing to disprove it. Perhaps we may actually catch some dialogue about this moment during Civil War or in the Untitled Spider-Man movie, either in dialogue between Spidey and Stark, or in the retelling of Spider-Man's backstory.

Whether it is true or not, I do like this theory quite a bit. It will probably never be proven or disproven, like most film fan theories, so that I do like. That is how fan theories are meant to be treated - as possible connections that never really receive a final answer. I like this theory and I will support it.

What do you think, though? Let me known in the comments, and thanks for reading!


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