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We all have been hearing news about a Prison Break revival since the middle of 2015 and we have been getting hits of the series coming back thanks to the producers and the cast. Although the series ended with the death of Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller), Miller will be returning to the revived series along side Dominic Purcell who played his brother Lincoln Burrows according to reports.

Now Fox has officially confirmed the shows return with Miller and Purcell reprising their roles in the process. Fox has been known for doing the event and/or mini-series model when they brought back 24 for a limited series run back in 2014. And now the upcoming The X-Files revival to premiere on January 24th.

At the 2016 Television Critics Association Tour, FOX Chairman/CEO Dana Walden talks about the amount of episodes the revived series might have and mentions when it could start production.

“Right now we’re thinking nine [episodes]. We’re trying to carve out our production schedule. Wentworth and Dom are obviously in CW shows right now so we’re trying to work our production schedule around theirs. Hopefully we’re thinking late March.”

Creator Paul T. Scheuring will return as the showrunner, and Neal Moritz, Marty Adelstein, and Dawn Olmsted are listed to return as producers. In the press release, Fox didn't the return of Sarah Wayne Callies playing Dr. Sara Tancredi, but we are sure more information will come so she might be still coming on board soon.

Miller and Purcell are showed their perfected chemistry on the hit television series The Flash for the CW's DC TV universe and will re-team once again for DC’s Legends of Tomorrow playing the characters of Captain Cold and Heat Wave, respectively. We don't know how Prison Break will affect their time on the two superhero shows, because both Legends and the revived series might still continue.


What do you think about the official Prison Break revival announcement?


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