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I am currently a college student in Washington State. I love to write about anything that has to do with life and its realities whether it i

Walter Mitty a man who dreamt of being everything he could. Does that sound familiar? If you are some what of a lost soul it should. Many of us are stuck in a minimum paying job only dreaming and planning of all the things we want to do and be, but what stops us from doing it now? Is it fear of failing? Is it money? Or is it that we are afraid of leaving the only thing we know behind? What we don't seem to realize is that it will be there when we return. Sometimes one must take risks, pack your things and go. Don't think about it. You might lose yourself or better yet find yourself. This film may not have gotten a lot of praise, but the message is amazing. If you haven't watched it yet, do so, believe me you will be inspired to do it all.


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