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I am a man with reason and a person not to judge quickly. I remember alot of what I read, so I do put my Knowledge into an iffy subject.
Sean Pickell

With this year's casualties already hitting us hard, not just to the Geek Community but to the world, also me not really ready to tackle Alan Rickman's death. I decided I would tackle the vast hate for Jar Jar Binks. Jar Jar Binks is a full CGI character that made an opening in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. Jar Jar was voiced by Ahmed Best, though Michael Jackson wanted it. In the span of 15 years Jar Jar Binks has become the most hated Star Wars Character to date. I often felt the hate myself since I'm a very rare fan. I have felt joy from the "Hated Prequels" and Jar Jar was personally my favorite character. He is the character who unknowingly gave power to Senator Palpatine, but I stress that he didn't know. When Jar Jar sat in for Senate Padme, he did not know the full implications of the meeting. He gave a vote that he didn't know would cause the fall of the Republic. When Jar Jar was banned from his village for being clumsy, he couldn't help it. I think when Jar Jar left his village he was happier to be free from the hate, but the true hate never left. We the fans hated him for no purpose, other than he was a bad design. Though I want to continue the argument, I simply won't. I hope to see him in the future (though the likely that will happen is zero to not in this stream). Like I said this is my opinion.

Hit me in the comments for your opinion on Jar Jar.


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