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This year we look forward to many great films in the superhero genre, such as Deadpool, [X-Men: Apocalypse](tag:1194267), [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409), Doctor Strange, Suicide Squad, and in particular, the upcoming Batman vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice, which hits theaters on March 25th.

Much hype has been made for this film ever since it was announced just a few months after Zach Snyder's Man Of Steel at the San Diego Comic-Con back in 2013. Snyder, the director, has done a magnificent job of not revealing too many details, much like J.J. Abrams did with his 2015 blockbuster, Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Batman vs Superman contains an all star cast led by Henry Cavill as The Man Of Steel, and the great Ben Affleck as The Caped Crusader. Not to mention a unique take on Lex Luthor by Jesse Eisenberg (who appears in great films such as The Social Network as Mark Zuckerberg and Now You See Me), and also the Amazonian Princess, Wonder Woman, played by the beautiful Gal Gadot. From what we know so far as the plot goes, one of Bruce Wayne's towers was involved in the destruction caused by Superman and General Zod during the fight scene in Metropolis in Man Of Steel. It appears Bruce is mad, VERY, and sets out on a hunt to find the man (or alien) who unintentionally was responsible for many deaths of people he cared about. Many fans are hypothesizing the plot based on all the trailer scenes we've gotten thus far.

The beautiful thing about theories is they are either right or wrong, and we need to have hope through all the steps we take to solve them. Nevertheless, this film is sure to be a huge success if not one of the greatest Superhero films of all time, just like The Dark Knight, another Batman film lead by the wonderful Christian Bale (who recently starred in The Big Short).

This film will also mark the first silver screen appearance of the DC villain, Doomsday, one of Superman's greatest adversaries and whom many comic book fans are looking forward to seeing. We don't really know anything factual as of right now about Doomsday's role in the film specifically, but the awesome thing about that is that we are in for a treat of a lifetime.

We will be on the edge of our seats as we all finally sit down to watch "The Greatest Gladiator Match In The History Of The World", waiting for what comes next after every scene. This is a film that many have waited a long time to see, and the waiting will be worth it. If you want to see the midnight showing it's best to pre-order tickets as soon as possible, and if you have done so already, that's even better!

What a great way to put the DC Extended Universe into full overdrive than a film like this! March 25th will truly be a day of Justice, the Dawn Of Justice.

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