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After not being well received on the big screen, the popular children's series A Series of Unfortunate Events is getting another shot at being brought to life, this time in a thirteen episode run on Netflix. While they have lost the showrunner, Mark Hudis, they are in talks getting the protagonist of the series, Count Olaf, cast.

Who better to play the over-the-top theatrically inclined Olaf than Neil Patrick Harris, known for his showmanship and flair for the dramatics. The more I think of this, the more I can't help but believe there is no one better suited.

He can do the evil laugh

He has a very expressive face

Whoever is going to play Olaf is most likely going to have to act through prosthetics if they are going to keep the look of the original Olaf. Being a stage actor he knows how to over express at times to make sure that you can see or feel what he is feeling.

It would be great to see him on the screen again

Since How I Met Your Mother ended and his variety show, Best Time Ever was cancelled, we have been regretfully Neil Patrick Harris-less. It would be great to have him return to the silver screen and see him in this role.

Neil also took to Twitter to confirm the news

A Series of Unfortunate Events has yet to receive a release date, but if Neil is in the front of it you can bet the fans will watch. In the meantime, enjoy this fan made trailer and start catching up with the Baudelaire orphans again.

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