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United We Stand, Divided We Fall
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(Warning possible spoilers for Captain America Civil War lies ahead. Proceed at your own risk)

Now, about 3 weeks ago Point of Geeks wrote on MP regarding a funeral scene in Captain America: Civil War. In case you have not yet read the report, I highly suggest you read it now. Click here if you haven't read it yet.

Finished? Good, the 'Point of Geeks Report' states that...

Towards the end of the movie, Rogers will surrender after coming to terms on a treaty with the government, that will protect his friends and allies. At some point, either after or while he is being taken into custody, he is killed. At the funeral there's a palpable tension, with most people seemingly focusing their ire and fury towards Tony Stark.

Now, I'm sure some of you who just read the report were surprised by what happened and I assure you aren't the only one. Point of Geeks continued and stated that...

One scene was shot three ways, involving three MCU characters individually picking up Cap's shield at the end, leaving an opening... for a new beginning. Or at the least an amazing button scene. The three characters that were shot picking up Captain America's shield at the end of Captain America: Civil War are Sharon Carter (Emily VanCamp) a.k.a. Agent 13, Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) a.k.a. The Winter Soldier, and Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) a.k.a. The Falcon.

It says that either Sharon Carter, Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson will take Captain America's shield and this is just straight from the comics.

Civil War and Captain America Reborn storyline from Marvel comics

In the comics Steve Rogers surrenders to the authorities and is then assassinated by Crossbones and Sharon Carter (in her defense, she was brainwashed by Dr Faustus). But it is then revealed in Captain America Reborn, that the bullet used to kill Steve Rogers did not actually "kill" Rogers, but froze him. The bullet somehow froze his body and took his consciousness away. Steve Rogers is still alive but he is in a world where time and space become irrelevant, (basically it's like he ended up going subatomic in Ant-Man , but without shrinking). He traveled through time and space in his conscious.

While he is lost in conscious, Red Skull and Dr Doom took Cap's body and plugged him into a machine to body swap Red Skull and Captain America. Red Skull succeeded and planned to attack the city and make it look like Steve Rogers did it, unfortunately he failed and Steve's consciousness returned to his body.

How is this relevant?

While most of you might believe the report and some of you are just die hard Captain America fans that don't want to hear the end of Steve Rogers, I think it's safe for me to say that...

Captain America will NOT die in Civil War!

Even Steve is happy he's not gonna die
Even Steve is happy he's not gonna die

Before you say anything, remember back when Robert 'Iron Man' Downey Jr and Chris 'Captain America' Evans appeared on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'? Well remember when Jimmy Kimmel asked about filming Captain America: Civil War? Then RDJ and Evans talked about filming Atlanta 'Hotlanta' Georgia and then RDJ reminds Chris Evans that both of them are going to film in Atlanta Georgia AGAIN?

When you look at the next slate of Marvel movies the only movie being filmed in Atlanta Georgia is the new Spider-Man reboot! Dr Strange is filming in London and Black Panther is still a long way. Fans have already speculated that they will be appearing in the new Spider-Man reboot. Which means?

Captain America lives! (or sort of)

I'm not saying he's dead, nor am I saying I don't believe the Point of Geeks Report. I'm saying that I have come up with my own theory on Captain America's "death" in Civil War. Remember when I told you about the Civil War and Captain America reborn storyline? Well that's when the Russo bros will start following the comics!

The theory

Oh relax Steve it's a good theory
Oh relax Steve it's a good theory

In the comics and according to the Point of Geeks Report, it states that Steve surrenders to the authorities and while he being taken into custody he is killed. In the comics he is killed by Brock Rumlow AKA Crossbones and Sharon Carter. And Crossbones and Sharon Carter (brainwashed Sharon Carter) were under Red Skull's command.

In the movie, it is unknown how Rogers will be killed but if they're already following the comics about when Steve Rogers gets killed (that is when he is taken into custody) then Crossbones is the one who kills Steve Rogers but without Sharon Carter since one scene is shot three ways (with Sharon Carter being in one of them), This leads me to my next point. If Crossbones kills Steve Rogers, who told him to do it?

That's when Daniel Bruhl comes in

Has EVERYONE FORGOT Daniel Bruhl is in the movie!
Has EVERYONE FORGOT Daniel Bruhl is in the movie!

Did you forget? Daniel Bruhl is confirmed to take the role of Baron Zemo, a long time Captain America villain, in Civil War! This can go many ways, Crossbones is hired by Baron Zemo or Baron Zemo recruits him to join the Masters of Evil (which by the way, the name is good but sort of childish) or HYDRA. Eitherway Captain America still dies. In Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, Grant Ward is trying to rebuild HYDRA, so who better to lead HYDRA than Baron Zemo.

Also, what if Daniel Bruhl will be playing Baron Helmut Zemo, son of the first Baron Zemo, Baron Heinrich Zemo. He uses the bullet (said earlier that would freeze Captain America) and tries to transfer his father's mind into Captain America's body. But that would be a longshot since we've already have one Baron Zemo we don't need another. But still there is a chance that Baron Zemo will use the bullet to not kill Rogers but just send his consciousness flying through time and space. Why would this theory makes sense? Well for starters...

It's straight from the comics!

The Russo bros are already taking most of the events from the Civil War storyline and this is also straight from the comics. Rogers gets assassinated but doesn't die and then Bucky, Sam or Sharon Carter takes Captain America's shield. In Captain America Reborn, Bucky Barnes is the one who replaces Steve Rogers as the next Captain America after Steves' death. Instead of using Red Skull who has been dead for almost 70 years, and Dr Doom whom Marvel does not own the rights to anymore.

The only question remaining (if the theory ends up being true) why would Baron Zemo not kill Steve Rogers?

It would be a great way to introduce Baron Zemo into the MCU

Baron Zemo is a new villain addition into the MCU, and Marvel needs to show the fans out there that Baron Zemo isn't just a man who wears a purple mask and kills people. They need to show the fans that he is more than that, he is a genius and has been planning to kill Steve Rogers since the beginning!

Much like Ronan, James Gunn showed us how Ronan the Accuser should not be underestimated. And also Loki, Joss Whedon has showed us even a guy like Loki with tricks up his sleeves and has a powerful scepter, can prove to be one of Marvel's greatest villains, with his genius level intellect and his army can also threaten the lives of many. Baron Zemo will be the next on this list.

That is it for my theory and there you have it, Captain America's fate and Baron Zemo's role in Civil War. I do believe Captain America will be killed in Civil War but I also believe it's connected to Baron Zemo. Do you understand my theory?

Well done Steve
Well done Steve

Or are you just lost in me explaining the storyline and what not? One last time enjoy the trailer.


Do you agree with me on this theory?


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