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As we all know, Ultron is one of the most memorable comic book villains ever in Marvel. He's taken over the world and has beaten the Avengers many times and recently in 2015 he was finally put in an Avengers film, [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](tag:293035), and was one of the best villains since Heath Leger's Joker. Here's why.

3. He's Menacing

As we all know in the movie Ultron had very light and dark moments. His first appearance would have to be one of if not the darkest part of the movie. Seeing a robot have a mind of its own can be very scary and no to mention it knew everything about everyone. Also, what about his choice of words? It's one thing to hear a villain say he wants to kill you but, it's another to hear one say he wants you extinct . Scary right?

2. Good Balance of Humor

Not only was Ultron menacing but, he also had a good balance of Humor, and that's something I think every movie villain should have. Not only does it make the character appealing but, it also gives the audience a better connection with him/her and in this case since we have Ultron, it couldn't have gone any better with him since he is in fact an android. Just think, what if you saw a robot cracking jokes and laughing? Creepy and awesome right?

1. He actually achieved his goal

And last but not least one of the reasons Ultron is one of the best Comic Book movie villains is, he actually accomplished his goal. Ultrons main goal was not only to start a new world but, he also wanted to tear the Avengers apart and he did just that. He was able to tear Black Widow apart from Bruce Banner, Tony from Bruce, and at one point Tony and Steve. Not to mention in [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409), one of the reasons there is conflict is because of the events that Ultron started. Also, Iron Man has his own new team of Avengers and isn't teaming up with Captain America anymore and I think it's safe to say Ultron had a lot to do with that. But who's to say Ultron is dead? In the comics Ultron is able to travel through all technology and reform himself sooner or later, thus making him immortal.

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