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I seriously don't know what happened, but I'll try and make this as scary as possible.

Whe I was young, my parents had gotten divorced. That weekend, I stayed at my fathers' house. We had a fun night, and when we retired to bed, I fell into a fitful sleep.

When I woke up, in the dream, I was in a room. And something was there. I could just tell.

Some I called out to 'it'. A demon. I knew it in the dream, too. And mind you, I didn't do some do crap and play Oujia right before I went to bed, and I am not a spirit follower. But, I talked to it. And, it seemed like my friend, though it didn't even speak. 'It' however, freaked apparently, when I asked what I was there for. It didn't answer through Its weird signs or signals. So, rambling and brainstorming, I told all my wrongdoings and decided on one. I asked if that was it. No answer. Totally clueless, I held out my arm and told it: |"Here-- this will be our code. Bite my arm, once for yes, twice for no."|You read that right? Once-Yes. Twice-No. No way to mistake, IMPOSSIBLE to confuse it.

So, then, I felt it. 1 bite. Overridden--2 bites. 2 innocent, eensy-weensy bites, no pain. The there was another one. A searing, horrid pain. And when I looked down, my flesh was ripping off. Tissue. Blood. Bone. I could feel it all, it felt like I was dying!

I screamed a horrible scream.

Then. I woke up gasping for air. My breath was ragged. I closed my eyes, and thanked God it was all just a nightmare subconsciously rubbing my sore arm. I quickly raised my it to my face.

And there they were. Two sets of bit marks on my arm.
My dream escaped.

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