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Claudia Annd Mike Martinez

If I had a say in the next installment of the next season of AHS, it would center around 3-4 families. Each from a different part of society. Lower, mid, and upper class. All the same once doors are closed, but all having different "life changing issues". I.e. Lower class having to deal with a son that wants to do better but has to do "the unthinkable" to accomplish it, mid class having to compromise their moral compass to accommodate others to get ahead, and upper class being the worst having to literally having to sell their soul to the devil (Dennis O'Hare) to stay afloat or to continue the families "good name". All the while, LAPD, or another PD from previous seasons chasing somebody who is the next "messiah". Once AHS touches on the actual religious aspects of the bible, (Old Testament) I believe that things will get "real". If a detective(s) sees some supernatural, or godlike things going down, they of course can't go to their superiors...they have to investigate themselves. All the while, stories intertwining and connecting on a biblical aspect. (Upper class being Goliath, lower class being David). The PD is pursuing a Jeffrey Dahmer type killer whom gets convicted, stabbed in prison to the point that he dies on the O.R table, therefore serving his "life sentence" and getting his lawyer to get him released. And once again, the MO starts again. Each of the factions being a part in one way or another.

Sorry, not trying to write the season. I just think those would be some interesting episodes!!


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