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Attention! I will now interrupt my usual parade of pedantry and odd reviews to add my voice to the clamour of howler monkeys that is the internet after a big movie announcement.

In this case hooting and hollering is about the second installment in what is now the Cloverfield series, snuck in to this year's release schedule whilst everyone was distracted by an inordinate amount of superhero movies.

For those of you who don't know or somehow forgot in the eight years since its release, Cloverfield is a horror movie along the lines of the age-old genre of Kaiju ("big-ass monster"), which started with the first Godzilla movies and continued in the past half decade with the cheerfulness of Pacific Rim and uh... another Godzilla movie.

Predictably, Cloverfield is about a big monster that wrecks a big city (New York, obviously) and human beings struggle to stop it. Unfortunately it is also a major proponent of the nausea-inducing 'found footage' genre, taking the form of being filmed from the hand-held camera of a group of terrified young adults.

Despite the obvious drawbacks, they managed to make it work. The limited point of view emphasised the insignificant size of human beings compared to the gigantic Clover, and really served to hammer home the panic and confusion such a devastating event would create.

Hell, we don't even see Clover in all of its entirety until the very end of film.

Who's a pretty monster then?
Who's a pretty monster then?

Enough about the old, what about the new.

From the limited information given to us in the super-sneaky ninja-released trailer for '10 Cloverfield Lane' we can already see that the whole 'found footage' gimmick has been dispensed with entirely in favour of a more traditional cinematic style.

Why this is, I cannot say. Maybe it's purely down to the two films having different directors and cinematographers (though current Nerd King J J Abrams is still producing), but I can already see motion sickness sufferers rejoicing all around the world.

Everything's much more fun with visual aid so I'm going to put the trailer right here for you all to peruse:

Watched it? Good. What did we all see?

If you said two men and a woman, then very good, pat yourself on the head. But who are these people? Are they family?

Maybe. The two men do share a bit of resemblance, that's for certain, but whether it's a coincidence or not we can't say for certain. However, there seems to be a degree of comfortable familiarity at the beginning of the trailer... though that is somewhat diminished when they start glassing each other and stuff gets set on fire... hmm...

Because why not burn your only shelter?
Because why not burn your only shelter?

What about the surroundings?

At first we see all of the trappings of a typical family home. Which then turns out to be a bunker.

"But why the bunker?" you ask, "Didn't they nuke the monster in the first one?"

Yes, but they didn't bloody well kill it. As mentioned, the 'found footage' style gives the audience a limited perspective which just so happens to exclude handy expositional shots of giant monsters getting nuked to death. That's why they put in the end credits a little garbled message, shown here in the greatest possible way:

"Help us"... "It's still alive"

Well you can't really get more obvious than that.

As for whether Clover will feature in this movie or whether there will be a whole load of the giant buggers (one theory is it was just a scared baby), it's far too early to tell, but we can assume from the bunker that things are screwed enough to drive people underground. Also remember that Clover's parasites were terrifying enough on their own, so maybe we don't need more than one gigantic nuke-proof monster.


Another thing we cannot tell is how long will the protagonist(s) be in that bunker for, or whether they will leave at all. In the trailer the young woman thinks about it but changes her mind at the last second. What did she see out of the bunker door? And what exactly did her (possible) father mean by "something's coming"? Was it Clover? Something else? Is it connected to that tremor in the trailer?

Whatever it is we may find some hints to that and more if they decide to release another trailer between now and the release date which of 11th March this year. Considering the impending closeness of that date, and of course the secrecy this project is shrouded in, it's doubtful we get another trailer.

I for one am glad of that, because a little too much information can ruin a film.

As it stands, we can expect to see the impact that an invasion of monster(s) has upon the world and the emotional struggle of the people who have somehow managed to survive. Most of all we can also hope to see some answers to the million questions posed by the first movie.

The hype train is rolling, my friends, and I just bought myself a first-class ticket.


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