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I've watched almost every movie Which are worth watching, Except for some classic ones.
Sparsh Bajaj

Nothing excites a kid more than cartoons. Those animated creatures prancing around always get the attention of kids, no matter how restless they are. Such is fascinating, that even as adults, we sometimes find ourselves in the company of our animated friends.

Here are some of them which I really miss.

1. Animaniacs 1993-1995

2.Garfield and Friends 1988-1994

3.Batman 1992-1995

4.Gargoyles 1994-1996

5.Recess 1997-2001

6.Scooby-Doo Where Are You! 1969-1970

7.Spider-Man 1994-1998

8.Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1987-1996

9.Thundercats 1985-1989

10.X-Men 1992-1997

11.Swat Kats

12.johnny bravo

13.dexter's laboratory

14. The flintstones

15.The Jetsons

Which was your favourite cartoon?


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