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Hello, once again. I just decided to pop in to give you guys a quick round-up of the movies I watched this week.

As you can tell, they aren't all new releases. Hell... half of them are almost older than I am.

So without any further adieu, let's get on with my QUICK THOUGHTS of these movies.

Straight Outta Compton:

What a movie!

What a cast!

This movie is 100% on my top 10 list for favorite movies of 2015.

Sure, it might not have been 100% accurate, cutting out Dr. Dre's abusive side, but other than that, it was one hell of a fun movie.

I enjoyed NWA and now I enjoy them even more.

I never liked Eazy E. Now, I do. Maybe it's because they made him look sympathetic or something, but in a way, I respect him more now.

O'Shea Jr. did a PHENOMENAL job playing his dad and at one point, I completely forgot these were actors playing musicians.

The fellow playing Dr. Dre KILLED IT.

The guy playing MC REN didn't sell me on it since I just couldn't get over the fact that he was the guy from Leverage :D

Overall, this movie is a MUST WATCH.



What is there about Watchmen to say that I haven't already said. I made a separate review for that movie alone.


Oh, boy. Clerks!

I've heard SO MANY THINGS about this movie and I never got around watching it.

Well, since I like Kevin Smith, I thought to myself "Why not?"

So I sat down and oh my god.

I was surprised. I'm rarely surprised, but I love surprises and this was one of those rare good ones.

The amount of depth and thought provoking dialogue this movie had, had me astonished by the end of it.

At first glance, being a Black and White movie, that'd turn away most of nowadays audiences, calling it Outdated and such, but 10 minutes in to this movie and you don't even notice it's in black and white. It actually rather adds more than takes away from the movie. It attaches this class-esk feeling to it and it works perfectly.

The way Kevin Smith handles the dialogue in this movie is surprising. It's on-going, nonstop, no cutaways shots of them talking. It's feel unnatural at points how fluently it goes on for 5 minutes straight.

To keep it short, this movie, just like Straight Outta Compton is a MUST-WATCH, due to it's thought provoking nature and it's relevancy even in 2016.



Mallrats is the LATEST movie I've seen (just a couple of hours ago) so all these thoughts are fresh and this movie is pretty much what your friend has told you it is.

It's a fun movie, made by the guy that made Clerks. That's it.

It's not as clever as Clerks or as deep, but it's more FUN in the sense of goofiness.

The cast ranges from nobodies to people who are almost top notch in 2016 (looking at you, Ben.)

Unlike Clerks, this movie is fully colored and you can actually see the cut-in and outs between shoots. Still, this doesn't make it less enjoyable.

I've been on a Kevin Smith movie train and this second stop hasn't been disappointing one bit. The pacing was good. There were surprised, references and cameos (Thanks, Stan.)

Movies isn't a must watch, but you won't go wrong if you do indeed see it.


If you haven't seen them and don't know what to watch, you can pick any of these movies and give them a go. And if you have, w
hat did YOU think of these movies?

Let me know down in the comments below.

I hope you enjoyed these quick thoughts of these 4 movies.

"Thank you for reading" - Tw1s7

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