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Evan Mitsakis

We've seen many Arctic movies in the past, from Frozen to Happy Feet, this movie somewhat adds to that list. What can I say about this movie to begin with? When I first started watching the movie, it had a decent amount of action. Yes, it was a childish movie most of the time. But hey, let's get started with this review.

Norm, a polar bear, who doesn't want to hunt, discovers that humans want to build condos on his homeland. Despite the fact that all of his friends disbelieve him, Norm sets out with 3 indestructible lemmings, to stop that from happening.

While the story seems to be going smoothly, the one thing I found to be annoying were the people. The way they talked and looked, just didn't feel right. Norm was a comical character that dances, which made that problem a little better.

Bad parts- some irritating jokes, boring parts, irritating people, some voice acting sucked

Good parts- good for the family, good for young children, Norm made the movie 10x better

However, Norm of the North didn't match up perfectly with Toy Story or Finding Nemo, in my aspect, I thought it was a decent movie. They could've made it better, definitely. I wouldn't mind seeing it again in the future.

Jokes: 4/10

Characters: 8/10

Family approval? Yes

RATING- 7/10

Norm of the North released on Friday, January 15 and is rated PG.


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