ByMona El-Araby, writer at

Supernatural show follows two brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester, as they hunt and destroy supernatural monsters all across the United States. The first season is the most cut-and-dry horror part of this series. As the show progresses, the brothers get deeper into their relationship with each other, with others, and with the dogma all around the world. The tension for the viewers becomes less about why that monster is pulling his own face off, and more about how are Dean and Sam going to get through this?

The cool thing about Supernatural is how adaptable it has been over its nearly ten-year run. Supernatural has a very, let’s say, ‘vocal’ fan base. This makes Googling too deeply a dangerous game, but it also means that the show has more of what the fans like about the show and less what they don’t. The relationships are so rich in the show (even without kissing, thank you very much) because the writers were allowed to explore that more than the average series.

The villains on this show are also very refreshing. Some are plain evil, some don’t realize what they’re doing, and to Sam and Dean, they all have to go down. The show really makes one think about their definitions of evil. There is one episode where terrible things are happening through this town. People use itching powder and itch off their scalps, one child contorts their face into an ugly shape and it actually gets stuck that way. It turns out that a young boy with superhuman powers is accidentally causing all this mayhem. The brothers (and the audience) struggle to decide what the right thing to do is. The trouble with Supernatural is that what’s right isn’t always easy or clear.

This show is great for people who like shows like Doctor Who, or X-Files. Adventure is great, but it needs a backbone of strong characters to work. True, the cast is very male heavy, and the females don’t last long, but there is still a lot of depth to all the characters. Somewhat like the American Horror Story series, but with a stronger sense of direction, and way fewer sexy vampires.


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