ByScarlet Rose Thompson, writer at

Teen titans Go is nothing more then something a art-theft would do. Taking something good(The Original) and just Changing it into that is insult, offensive, pathetic piece of crap. Claiming it to be "good". I used to love Cartoon network, but as I come to realize, that the creator of the show, the cartoon network producer, and many people who work with Cartoon network, is nothing but sexist! They claim that only boys should even watch their shows. That's highly offensive ans inappropriate to the female croward.

Is this what you want to teach your children? Your wifies? Any children in that fact really. To teach them sexist? To hurt girls as they grow older? That's probably why a lot of teens who are the male gender who knock up a girl and just leave them with a child, blaming the girl for getting pregnant. I thought Cartoon network was a place against bullying? Was they're campaign of Stop bullying, speak up and shitty lie and to make they're network little descent? If that's their case then it's a fail. I rather watch on the news how Cartoon network is being taken down and changed then to spread sexist, bullying, and pregnancy/aboundment. If I have kids, I'm going to make sure they don't watch cartoon network unless it's the older vision(Boomerang) or Adult swim. But I will not allow them to watch such poorly excuse of a channel again.

I feel sorry for the generation and the generations after that one are watching this show. There are some shows that are OK, but again, it still doesn't excuse the networls action.


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