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Forget the Year of the Monkey for 2016, it’s all about [Pokémon](tag:2538552) this year because they’re celebrating their 20th anniversary!

It’s crazy how my little 7-year-old self still lives within me after 20 years with my love for Pokemon. I remember I was very fond of my Pokemon Yellow because you get to have Pikachu following you everywhere you go!It was probably the most innovative thing I’ve seen in a game at the time. I collected Pokemon cards but never participated in a card tournament. Then had Pokemon Pinball for my Gameboy, a talking Pikachu, my own authentic Ash hat from the Pokemon League (which I wear at every NYCC I’ve attended), and that includes all the Burger King toys they gave out with Kids’Meal.

Enough about me, let’s focus what’s to come for Pokemon this year:

  • Pokemon Go
    The long awaited VR mobile game should expected by the end of February, but the rumour is that it's still in beta mode. More information from this MoviePilot post.

  • Limited Edition 3DS with Pokemon Red and Blue plates

    Yes, this 3DS got the Red Charizard and Blue Blastoise interchangeable plates so you can change whatever mood you’re in. The Pokemon 3DS bundle also includes a virtual copy of Pokemon Red and Blue however, there's no charger just in case of those who never owned a 3DS before.

  • Monthly Mythical Pokemon release
    You heard right, every month for 2016 starting in February, you will received a Mythical Pokemon. Check out the list right here from SlashGear.

  • Pokken Tournament
    They finally announced the release date for Wii U which will be on March 18, 2016. I was hoping to check it out when they had booths at the Dave and Buster's in NYC, that would've been an awesome hands-on experience. But here's a video from someone who was there:

It's still early in the year, so who knows what Nintendo will be releasing for the rest of the year. What else do you think Nintendo have in store of us Poke-fanatics?


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