ByCandy Hofman, writer at

Removing your shows from streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu will really disappoint and frustrate the fans and you will lose many fans that way. Why not charge Netflix and Hulu more for the rights to stream your shows instead of pulling their rights and making the fans work harder and pay more to find your shows? If Everyone does what you propose it will be so frustrating for fans and will no longer be a cost effective alternative to cable TV, so cable will win, and we'll all resign to going back to them for ease of use. Cord cutters beg you to please continue to make your shows available to streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu. I would literally rather have you charge them more and have them charge me more so all (or at least most) of my shows are accessible between those two subscriptions then to have to subscribe to each network separately and switch between multiple apps to find and watch my shows and I think most cord cutters would agree. Please consider this.


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