ByJamison Rabbitt, writer at
Host of Reel Reviews television @reelreviewstv as well as the podcasts Movie Mojo Monthly @mojomonthly & Real Films Podcast @realfilmsca

The movie landscape has been dominated by big budget superhero movies for quite a while now, & if you look at release schedules for the next 5 or 6 years, it's not about to change anytime soon. Now with the inundation of such properties into television & streaming service shows, it feels like the entertainment landscape is being swallowed whole by superheroes and the like.

I'm finding myself having serious fatigue with all of it. It feels like a struggle to wade through all of it to find original ideas and inspiring artistic vision that doesn't have anything to do with a comic book property. While certain superhero projects still interest me, the interest level is nowhere near what it once was. My "superhero bubble" is about to burst. I want powerful art to be recognized more. I want to see more outlets for films with something new to say, or God forbid even give me something to think about more than just what Easter eggs were in that movie to set up future movies.

There's a place for everything, but it feels like the superhero genre, though profitable and popular, has begun having a smothering effect with its over saturation. It forces everything else to the margins, making the independent and smaller avenues the only place for original, thought provoking ideas. I fear for what will be left once the bubble bursts.


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