ByStacey Macklin, writer at

Innocent or guilty? That is the question the Netflix 10 episode docuseries entitled “Making a Murderer” has been leaving people with since the series premiered.

The story of Steven Avery’s initial 18 year sentence ultimately to be proven innocent by DNA testing as well as his current story for which not only himself but his nephew Brendan Dassey are serving life sentences for the murder of photographer Teresa Halbach, leaves people wondering what to believe, at least it leaves me wondering as well as others who I have spoken to about this series.

When watching the series, there is nothing about the “evidence” that makes me believe that Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey are guilty. Not to be offensive, but to even fathom that two people with such low IQ’s and proven learning disabilities can come up with such an elaborate murder is a bit ridiculous. Brendan’s story continuously changed through each deposition, there was clear shadiness from the police to get the answers they wanted to hear. In addition, substantial video was not used in the court proceedings that would have highlighted the police interference and corruption, such as the video of the conversation between Brendan and his mother where he mentions that the police got into his head.

In addition to this…the biggest factor in the confusion is there was NO BLOOD! It is state that Ms. Halbach’s throat was slit and she was shot in the bedroom of Steven Avery…but there was NO BLOOD…there was blood in Ms. Halbach’s car but none in the room where the murderer was said to be committed.

IF you haven’t seen it already, take the time to watch it and come to a conclusion for yourself.


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