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The Flash was one of the best shows last year. And it has continued to be that going into its second season. With the show returning later today, I thought I give you a quick rundown on what happened this year.

Spoilers To Follow...

Barry Becomes a Hero, But Doesn't always like it

The Flash has become "the hero who saved Central City". He has action figures and coffee drinks named after him. He is beloved citywide. However, after no being able to save Ronnie and not actually being the one to save the city, Barry started out not being the happiest with all the love. He even pushed his whole team away,

Of course, that didn't last. Yes, he never completely felt comfortable with all the love, but he let his friends help him again. And good thing too, because the big bad of Season 2, Zoom, set his plan in motion and Earth-2 became a thing. Portals between the two dimensions had opened up and the two Earths were connected. And Barry, throughout the season, continued to wonder if he was good enough. If he was fast enough. Maybe he is, maybe he isn't (he will be), but he certainly has a lot of help.

Vibe, Harry, and Jay Garrick

Cisco, who in the finale discovered he had powers, started to season hiding his powers. It took a few weeks and Earth-2 Harrison Wells for him to reveal them to his friends. I, for one, never got why he waited, but whatever. Cisco continued to provide excellent tech and started to gain control of his powers. He calls it "vibeing" and I find that weird.

Earth-2 Harrison Wells, a.k.a. Harry, shows up to help fight Zoom. The team, of course, doesn't trust him, even though Harrison Wells on their Earth never really was evil in the first place. Harry, for his part, proves to be a wonderful part of the show and, as Cisco puts it, a dick. He helps out fighting crime, but he also has a secret. Who doesn't? Turns out, Zoom kidnapped Harry's daughter, Jessie, and is forcing Harry to help him. Harry tries to be a good guy and help Barry, but in the end, he decides to help Zoom. And I can't blame him. Who wants to let Zoom have their kid?

Jay Garrick, the Flash from Earth-2, showed up at the end of the first episode. He is the one to tell the team about Earth-2 and about Zoom. However, he doesn't have his powers as he lost them fighting Zoom and during the trip to Earth-1. And truthfully, he hasn't actually done much. He helped save Patty once and Harry a different time. But other than complaining about Wells and starting a relationship with Caitlin, he hasn't really helped. Hopefully, he gets his powers back or something, because right now he is just a wasted character.

West Family Drama

The biggest story this year for Joe and Iris has been Wally. Iris's mother, Francine, turns out not to be dead. Joe just claimed that because she was a druggie and was a danger for Iris. Joe didn't want Iris to know that her mother abandoned her after she left rehab. Francine also happened to be pregnant when she left.

Iris finds this out after her mom shows up looking for forgiveness. Iris, at first, tells Francine to leave and to not come back. This was because Iris went searching into her mother's past and found out that she had a brother named Wally. Iris was pissed that her mother kept this a secret. Then, of course, Iris kept this a secret.

Just in time for christmas
Just in time for christmas

Iris finally gave in and told Joe about Wally in the mid-season finale. Just in time for Wally to show up. And maybe this was the start of Kid Flash.


What show would be complete without a little romance? Not this one. Where to begin? Cisco dated Kendra Saunders/Hawkgirl, for a few episodes, but that didn't work out. I am partial to him being with Lisa Snart/Golden Glider. he might be a bad guy, but boy do they have chemistry. Caitlin started dating Jay. And I think they have no chemistry at all. However, I am happy that Caitlin has a shot at happiness after Ronnie. Iris wasn't in the mood for romance after Eddie and the biggest romance of the season was between Patty and Barry.

Patty Spivot is a cop that is a member of Joe's meta-human taskforce. She is a quirky girl who just happens to be a fan of the Flash's. Though she hasn't found out who Barry is, they have been dating. And it is going well, outside of hiccups, like Barry being the Flash and Patty trying to kill a guy. With things going so well, it probably means she will be dead by the end of the season. I really hope that doesn't happen because Patty is awesome. She'd be even better if Barry just told her the truth.

And all of this leads us to.....


Zoom. The big bad off the season that didn't even show up till the sixth episode. That doesn't mean he has been present since the beginning of the season. He started sending criminals from Earth-2 into Earth-1 to kill Barry. This had the unintended effect of those criminals killing their Earth-1 counterparts to get away from Zoom. Of course, none of them actually succeed. This forces Zoom to go to Wells.

And with Wells's help, Zoom doesn't want to kill Barry. He wants to make him faster, because Zoom wants to become faster. Zoom wants to steal Barry's speed force, at least that is what I think is happening. Side note: has the show actually explained what the speed force is? I understand what it is, I just can't remember if the show explained it.

Anyway, Zoom's identity is still a mystery. Theories about who he is ranges from Earth-2 Joe to Wally West. I subscribe to the theory that it is Eddie Thawne. You don't get sucked into a wormhole without something happening even if he was dead at the time.

Anyway, That is 'The Flash'. Coming up, we get to go to Earth-2, the Reverse Flash shows his face again, and we finally get to meet Killer Frost.


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