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Goosebumps is the film fans of the franchise have been waiting for since getting their first taste of Stein scares.

Although overcome by trepidation regarding the casting of Jack Black as our horror hero I avoided the film until curiosity got the better of me; and I cannot be more grateful that it did.

Following the arrival of a new boy in town he is almost immediately intrigued by the girl next door and her seemingly creepy father. As the tale begins to form we find our hero misled on an adventure of a would-be-rescue where he does what is necessary to kick start any tale of fear, he accidentally releases a monster from a book which in turn releases another who takes it upon himself to reign down havoc upon his creator Stein and whoever else happens to get in the way.

With special effects almost invented for such a job the film delivers on all the ghouls we read about in our youth with a certain dummy taking centre stage as villain.

Although aimed at families I found this film to be wholly satisfying and rounded off nicely with a twist in the tale and a guest appearance from the creator himself.

Whether you're a fan of the books or need something to sit and watch with the children I recommend this movie which offers the nostalgic comfort so often associated with a Sunday afternoon film.

It certainly won't be terrifying any horror officiates anytime soon it is a film worthy of a place next to family horror greats such as Halloween town.

4**** - Joy, silliness and spooks abound this film is a delight for the inner child.

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