ByVitina Francisco, writer at

Eleven seasons of Supernatural filled with action, adventure, love, betrayal, family, death and more to come as Supernatural fans anxiously wait for the next episode of Supernatural to come out.

For the fans out there here are a few thing to think about

1) Did Amara survive the angels smite

2) Will dean be able to kill Amara if she survived

3) What will happen to Sam now that he's back in the cage with Lucifer

Four more day until it's all reveled on Wednesday January 20 2016.

Watching all season knowing that the Winchesters never get a break and when they think something good can come from something, something else bad happens. If Dean tries to rescue Sam from the cage what will be the consequences and how this will impact them? Lucifer was the biggest monster that the Winchesters ever hatched until Mara came into play. AND another thing to think about is what proof does Sam and Dean really have that Lucifer can even stop Amara. She is equal to GOD in power. We know Lucifer is tough considering what he did in Season 5 Episode 19 Hammer of the Gods. But that doesn't mean he strong enough to lock the darkness AKA Amara back up again.


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