ByVitina Francisco, writer at

Fantasy a place where no rules apply and you can do or be what ever you want. Reality there are rules and consequences for your action, you have to do what you're told and don't get a say on anything unless you're and adult.

When you're stressed or down and want to escape reality what's your fantasy. Where do you go or do to escapes your every day life. Do you day dream or listen to music or do you read a book and think about how even though things are bad they can always get better.

For me my fantasy is putting myself in my favorite TV show or book and going on an adventure with the main characters. But that's just my opinion, everyone has a different opinion and perspective on things.

So in the comment section below write about what you did when you wanted to escape reality? What do you do when every day life is boring and you want to escape it?


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