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Well the trivia about which episode will be aired next week up is what all minds are focused on. Here i will abstract you with all the upcoming episodes of the most trending superhero shows with the upcoming episodes and storylines to follow it.

1) The Flash

Last Episode : Dec 8- "Running to stand still"

We saw the triple card of trickster-weather wizard- captain cold together against barry. We saw the glimse of what could be reasons of Captain Cold joining "The legends Of Tommorow".

Next Episode: Jan 19-"Potiental Enargy"

Now that they've grown closer, Barry considers telling Patty that he is The Flash. Meanwhile, Joe and Iris try to get to know Wally, and the team hunts down a meta-human who can slow time itself. There was in interesting note of the orignal Reverse Flash of Earth-2 in the teasers which will be aired in the next episode.Till then stay tuned to the speedster action.

2) The Arrow

Last Episode: Dec 9-"Dark Waters"

How can we forget that brutal last epidode of Arrow where in the mid-season finale turned out to be the potiental end to olicity lovers. We saw how Damien Darkh tortured Oliver and at last miraged to kill Felicity in the end scenes. Also the Darkh family portrayed at teh after credit scenes was amn christmas easter egg.

Here is a small note from the episode that literally took my heart out:

"As today's tragedy has reminded us, we are at war. For 6 months, we have been besieged by a nameless and a faceless organization that seems hell bent on destroying our city. You know them as the Ghosts. And while they may be anonymous, their leader is not. He has a face, he has a name, and I think that it is high time the people of Star City know the truth about who he is. His name is Damien Darhk. He controls the Ghosts on behalf of an organization known as HIVE. HIVE wants this city to die."

—Oliver Queen's televised message to Star City and Damien Darhk

Next Episode: Jan 20-"Blood Debts"

Oliver must deal with the devastating consequences of Darhk's last attack. Seeking revenge, Oliver goes on a brutal manhunt looking for Dahrk. We have seen how shocked he is and the graveyard seen in the pilot episode of this season has left us all in bewilderment as to thinking wether is this an end to Felicity and her magic over Arrowverse? the answers to many such questions will be revealed in some great upcoming episodes. Also the Fan Favourite Charlotte Ross AKA Donna Smoak will be seen again in this one.

3) Supergirl

2nd Last Episode: Dec 14- " Hostile Takeover"

Kara's battle against Astra is muddied when Astra explains how Alura captured her, but Kara refuses to believe her story until she discovers the truth that her mother was trying to keep from her. It is also revealed that Astra used her fight against Supergirl as part of a plan to take over Lord Technologies, led by her husband Non and his army of Kryptonians, prompting Alex and Hank to stop them. The Kryptonians are employing kryptonite-shielding armor to protect themselves from the substance, but Hank still manages to take out one after he revealed to him his true identity. Meanwhile Kara, James, Winn, and Lucy help Cat track down a hacker responsible for releasing Cat's e-mails, leading them to a CatCo executive who wants to oust Cat from the company. Cat reveals to Kara that she has a son that she has not seen in 24 years and later tells Kara that she knows that she is Supergirl. Kara then races over to Lord Technologies to face off against Non. With Jon Jones revealing himself , it was a perfect mid season finale for Supergirl as a christmas gift.

Last Episode: Jan 4- "Blood Bonds"

Non defeats Kara and leaves with Hank/J'onn. Lord sends the DEO away from his facility, vowing to defend it himself, and returns to a secret experiment he is conducting. Non offers to trade Hank for Astra, but General Lane (placed in charge of the DEO during the emergency, though Hank left Alex as acting director) refuses, tortures Astra for Non's location, and walks into a trap placed by Non. Kara is distraught over both this defeat and the fact that Cat will fire her unless she is convinced that Kara is not Supergirl. Kara goes to the DEO and talks with Astra, who tells her that Alura believed her (correct) claim that Krypton was doomed, but sentenced her for her illegal methods while promising to work for her cause. Alex and Supergirl make the trade over Lane's objections, and Astra orders Non to withdraw despite his numerical advantage. Later, J'onn uses his shape-shifting power to present Cat simultaneously with Kara and Supergirl, casting doubts of her initial deduction of their identity.

Next Episode: Dec 18- "Childish Things"

So this is an abstract of the top three superhero Series on TV at present. With Sherlock getting back and DareDevil Season 2 getting along, there will a lot of varieties to be seen in upcoming weeks.


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