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Should the last true remaining Sith Lord Darth maul return to star wars episode 8 ? I think it would tie all trilogies together,why not?Darth maul was one of the best things in the prequels. If maul where to come back ,he should be the true king of the underworld . After Jabba the Hutt dies and since Darth maul is a crime lord ,have Darth maul take over the underworld as the reigning King.
Now Jabba son Rotta is still alive he can be a close 2nd in the underworld or Rotta could be working for maul.But the Question is how did maul not get killed by emporer or Vader?Wouldn't maul be 80 or 90 years old? This is where the writers would not have to get lazy . This is how maul should be presented up to and in episode 8.

1. He needs to become stronger in the dark side of the force.

Have maul go into hiding after the events of Son of Dathomir. Maul should go around the Galaxy to dark side temples to become stronger in the dark side of the force.wouldn't be lame if Darth maul had the same abilities 50 years later,that be lazy writing.Mauls new force abilities could be to slow his age down to where every 7 years he ages 1 year older. That make maul in his late 30s by episode 8! Another ability could be maul can learn a new force heal technique to where he can take in solar energy to fast heal.Heal so fast like if he got his finger chopped off they'd heal back in seconds .But it only heals on what is still flesh ,his legs will stay machine since the where cut off a long time ago. Next maul could learn to be the fastest force user to learn force speed ever. This will make him really dangerous. Only high level force users could time and block furry strikes from Maul. Another thing Darth Maul could learn is force barrier and force lightning exactly like mother Talzin does separate and together.
Maul could even learn new force abilities like force tornado.He could make a barrier around him or shoot it at enemies. Also of course Darth mauls abilities like force push , pull, choke , crush will be stronger. Darth Maul could also age him self at will but can't go any younger then what he really is. He does this to manipulate others.

2. How does Darth maul survive after the Jedi purge and till the battle of Yavin with out the empire killing him

Darth maul needs to go to the far outer rim. What would be awsome if Darth Maul could find a system you could not hyper jump too. How you ask you would have to go through a giant asteroid maze to get to this system which would have mines, giant space guns that would take out any ships trying to get through this adding to the debris ,a ship grave yard. It could also have probing droids to eat up your ship going through getting you killed by the big lazer guns. How do they not die you ask ,easy they could have some kind of special tracer on their ship letting them through. Even bumming mines and they won't go off do to the special frequency. If you get through that you would have to get through a fleet of ships ,but they would have the advantage as your ship have to crawl out of the asteroid maze one by one , 100 vs 1 at a time? They could also put up ray shield in the asteroid maze incinerating anything that try's to go through. This would make the Empire not wanting to risk ships and man , resources. They could try but the risks out way the benefits.

3. Darth Maul needs to build a military.

Now that maul has a system to hide in ,Darth maul could take over this system. This system could have four habitable planes with mob type governments. two plantes that have a lot or rare spicies and resources for trade. Darth maul would over throw these plantes and take over. This is where Darth maul could bring in the rest of the night brothers and bring in more mandalorians soldiers and what ever military forces that are left there. The mandalorians could be traded for rare spices , Darth Maul and almec could do this remember this guy?
After maul has the night brothers and mandalorians asking old retired clones train the rest of the forces maul will have a military. Maul could also build droids also in the ranks of the military. Doing all this for the next 49 years will keep maul busy. Taking over 4 plants can take years . So there is more then enough story and time maul can stay busy away from the empire and also now the first order. Darth maul could also add to his power buy using Rotta the Hutt as a pawn. Also reuniting with the black Suns and pikes.

4.Darth maul needs to keep his grip on the Galaxy with out leaving the outer rim and planetary system.

Darth maul needs to get his own sinister 6 , hateful 8 or suicide squad . Some ideas could be

Almec could send one of the last of taung/ mandalorian ogs could be one guy , he could also be the new jango/ pre vizsla of the mandalorians.

He could be the predator of the Star Wars universe. He could have gun sticking out of his back like this

Another could be of the of cathar species

He could look like this a outlaw type character in a first order time and type of Galaxy era.

Then there's got to be the guy with the whip saber. Maybe he will have two saber whips and they come out of robotic arms and he could control them like tentacles they can grab you but also cut clean through when he want it to.

Another member could be a old Sith Inquisitor left over after the empire fell and went into hiding. But also to old to be apprentice. Doesn't have to look any thing like this guy.

Then there's the charm Darth Talon

And why not throw in Maris brood they never did anything with her. A lost Jedi padwan lost to the dark side after the Jedi purge . She was 17-20 years old in the old force unleashed game add 30 some years she's 47-50 years old bye episode 7.

And why not add in a rare black wookiee with a droid head tied to a armored vest to help translate what he's saying.

And last a droid / termator detective will find you a 100% of the time.

Would you want to mess with any of these guys .But what if maul sent all them after you , you don't have much option to die or do what ever he asking you to do. Bobba fett has been gone for years after he falls in the sarlacc pit. We don't know how old Cad bane is by Star Wars ep 7. Who knows Cad banes spies could live a long time. But any who it be better if Darth maul had his own squad to bring enforcement. Darth Maul could have his death/hit squad be doing his bidding why'll maul deals with the first order and the rebels.

5. Last but not least Darth Maul feels the awakening and steps out of the darkness.

With Darth Mauls dark side abilities stronger and military built up and Vader and the emperor dead maul will be ready to take on rebels and the first order. How Darth Maul could show up in episode 8 . It should show maul Looking over the explosion rubal of the starkiller base . Maul will see a first order ship in the distance . He will bord it and if Disney was smart a have battling thrawn and thrawn escaping . If no thrawn Darth maul destroys the ship and say the sith will rule again.the movie could then show Rey ,fin and Poe . Another thing they can put in the movie is show maul meet up with 3 of the nights of Ren one of the being Kylo. Maul tells them hes going to show them what a true dark sider power looks like.Darth maul will battle all three at once in an epic battle lasting 10 minutes killing two of them and have Kylo barly escape . Kylo in shock and not knowing who this is has to go to Snoke .

Snoke will tell Kylo that he's the last of this sith and thought he was dead and that maul has to die .Maul could just be the wild card in the movie a third plot in the mix of things. He will pop in hear and there but not be the main focus of course. All this will lead to a battle between maul and Luke.Does maul have to die in this trilogy no maybe he becomes weakend and has to withdraw . If Darth maul survives this trilogy he could help Luke if abeloth ever comes . Let me know what you think of his back story and do you think he should be in ep 8 ? How big of a role? What would you wanna see?should he die?


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