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Recently there has been a lot of speculation about Felicity, and how Arrow left on that cliffhanger. Then, we received a promo which shows us some of the events in the second part of the season. Check that out below.

That trailer was seriously dark. This season, the show runners decided to switch it up and give us a happy Oliver Queen. It got mixed reviews, but it definitely was something different. He fell in love, and walked away from his old life, until his life called him back.

In past years, the show has had some dark moments. Just an example of this is when Slade killed Oliver's mother in cold blood. Now the show looks to be heading in the same direction, similar to the one it took in its first three seasons.

The Trailer confirms it.

Case #1

"I'm going to kill him" - Oliver Queen.

Oliver said this during the trailer! This confirms that he will be going back to killing, like he was at the start of the show. Oliver had sworn off killing, but now that Damien has made it personal, he has no choice, but to go back to his old ways.

Case #2 - Torture

I know it's not a good pic.
I know it's not a good pic.

In this scene the Arrow is shown to be torturing a HIVE soldier for information. Does that sound like something fun "Green" Arrow would do? No, that is the Arrow, coming back once again.

Case #3 - Lots of Bodies

This is a split second shot from the promo. It shows a number of HIVE agents dead. Now who could have done this? Perhaps an angry Arrow, returning to his old ways? After all, if he is going to kill Darkh, couldn't he also kill his men?

Bonus Theory

Are you ready for it?

Also Spoilers...

Arrow could eventually kill Damien's family. After all the show made it a point to show them to us, so could this be foreshadowing to some event in the future? What's that saying? Oh yeah! An eye for an eye.

Merry Christmas, We're bad guys!
Merry Christmas, We're bad guys!


Are you ready for Arrow?


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