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Jurassic Park Live?

Hello dino-lovers of the film world! Today I come with some Jurassic updates! Just announced on Entertainment Weekly, Jurassic Park will be shown again with a live symphony orchestra playing along with the film! Throughout November, you can see the film in theaters with live orchestras playing the amazing John Williams Grammy Nominated score part of Film Concerts Live.

We can expect some Live Action awesomeness and it's something every music lover can enjoy.

Have we found our Director?

Rumor has it, we may have found our possible director for the sequel! Many were bummed when Treorrow announced that he would not be directing, so we were left wondering who would step up to the challenge. A couple of years ago, when Jurassic World producers were looking for a director for our beloved JW, Juan Antonio Bayona was a possible director. But alas, he was busy with other movies and Trevorrow got the job. Fast forward to now, and we are in the same position.

Paramount Pictures has said that Bayona has left World War Z 2 in order to pursue other films. Does this mean we finally have our JW2 director? Hopefully! Thanks for your time; make sure to follow for more updates and anything JCU. See you next time!


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