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Jessica Jones has produced an incredible performance for Marvel and Netflix, to add to Daredevil, which is being called by everyone one of the best shows of 2015. But even with a second season of Daredevil, as well as first seasons of Luke Cage and Iron Fist all coming this year, the Marvel andd Netflix team still aren't satisfied. They decided it would be a good idea to throw another spanner in the works, and now they have done that in the best way possible!

Now, as if you weren't already excited enough for the second season of Daredevil, it turns out that Jon Bernthal as Frank Castle/The Punisher is incredible! The Marvel TV Executive Vice-President, Jeph Loeb, said to earlier this week that:

"[Jon Bernthal's] Punisher is extraordinarily memorable, in every way,"

And while we would expect Loeb to try and sell the show, and Bernthal's performance, as much as possible, we now have damning confirmation that the executives must think he is truly incredible in the role!

The Punisher is Getting A Netflix Show!

THAT'S RIGHT! Jon Bernthal will star as the Punisher in a spin-off from his performances on the second season of Daredevil, in what is the first show announced as a collaboration between Marvel and Netflix since their original slate. Now there are so many questions we have because of this, such as:

Will he star in The Defenders?

With the other four heroes already announced to form a team in the miniseries, will Frank Castle be invited to this party? It seems unlikely, but always possible.

Who will be his adversary in the series?

The Punisher has a known list of enemies, and it could be any of them. The Russian, Jigsaw, Maginty, Elite, Barracuda, the list goes on and on.

What other shows could we see added to the roster now that we know Marvel and Netflix are open to further collaborations?

With so many rumors about other potential Marvel Netflix shows, ranging from Cloak and Dagger and Ms Marvel to Moon Knight, is it possible that we could see more added to the list? Or will it be other spin-offs that we see next, such as Elektra or Hellcat?

All of these questions and more will be answered in due time, but the most important thing is that The Punisher is finally getting the attention he deserves within the MCU, and he is going to be amazing!

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