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On a post from a while back, I discussed my thoughts on the final four Marvel figures for 3.0. Now, we have more to work with in terms of leaks and speculation, so let's get rolling.

Three Figures. One Massive Leak.

About three months ago, the Disney Infinity community was wild when three (yes, three) figures leaked. These figures were all Marvel, and were as follows: Ant-Man, Vision, and Black Panther. Also, soon before the leak, the Captain America: The First Avenger figure was announced, and everyone thought those were the final four. Until....

"The new Cap figure was not planned when I told you about the figure stand at E3, meaning four Marvel figures are still on their way to 3.0" -John Vignocchi

Okay, great. Cap, plus these three leaked figures, plus one more. But WHO???

Scarlet Witch is Coming to Disney Infinity

That's right. My theory is that Scarlet Witch is the FINAL 3.0 Marvel figure. Here's why:

Double-Gender Play Set Theme

Anakin and Ahsoka. Luke and Leia. Finn and Rey. Joy and Anger. Cap and...

It only makes since for Infinity to keep up with their theme of having a boy and girl in each respective Play Set. No other girl fits the position for Marvel, and Wanda has been requested by fans for some time now.

Evidence from a Website (Not of Wanda but of other character)

A very "leaky" website that has leaked many things for us Infinity fans recently has leaked that Ant-Man, Vision, and Black Panther are all stand-alone figures. That means that none of them will be available in the Play Set.

What do YOU think about this? Write about it!


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