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Let me begin by saying first of, the road show for 'The Hateful Eight' was incredible. Seeing the film in ultra widescreen Panavision on 70mm film, the widest ever was just jaw dropping brilliant. The opening sequence with all the landscapes and establishing shots sold it to me as well as the amazing as always overture by Ennio Morricone. However the film in general was missing something.

They shot this while there was a blizzard - incredible
They shot this while there was a blizzard - incredible

I don’t know why but when the film ended I didn’t feel satisfied as I did when I watched other films by Tarantino. It just felt like a part of me wanted to see more as a lot of things happened in one go. Maybe I wanted some more action brought out in bursts throughout the film, which there wasn’t enough of.

The opening sequence when we first encounter with the some of the characters up until all the characters are in the same place together seemed very long. All that was happening was back and forth dialogue, which you needed to listen clearly too in order to discover the clues, which lead to the second half of the film. This is when all the action happened in one go with blood and guts flying all over the place. It’s expected when you watch a Tarantino film to see a lot of blood and gore as well as summing up the film from the clues you see and are given. But I felt it all happened so late in the film that when it finished there wasn’t enough action and at the same time too much dialogue was said throughout the film.

She was amazing in the film - Jennifer Jason Leigh as Daisy Domergue
She was amazing in the film - Jennifer Jason Leigh as Daisy Domergue

I guess one thing which attracted my attention and was different to Tarantino’s other films was the fact that most of the scene was set in ‘Minnie's haberdashery’. And it was really interesting to see how all the characters got along in one location. I also was happy that all eight characters had a massive input within their roles in the film, especially Samuel L. Jackson as he was one of the main characters.

I highly recommend this film a watch especially as it was well written and the story and characters are interesting and let's not forget the humour. We also have to appreciate the glorious 70mm film experience. Like I said, don’t expect too much but I may be completely wrong, it might just be the perfect film but for me Tarantino has definitely improved over the years but to me this is not his best, he has done better films.


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