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Everyone who has seen the midseason finale of Agents of SHIELD can continue, and everyone that hasn't should probably leave because there are HUGE spoilers for the last episode before the break below!

Now, we know that Coulson, driven by grief ever since Ward murdered Rosalind, crushed Ward's chest on Maveth, and left him dead, not dying, completely dead. However, Ward is back.

But he is also dead. The alien force of a particularly evil nature has taken over Ward and is now going to wreak some havoc on Earth. The real question is, could he have become a comic book villain in the process of being possessed?

Well, many fans believe that he has, and despite a few popular theories flying about, the one with the most potential is:

Ward Has Become Hive!

No, not HIVE from Arrow, instead Hive, a Marvel villain. In the comics, Hive was a man who joined Hydra and was used in an experiment, in which he was bonded with parasites that turned him into an almost unstoppable monster. Here are four reasons that I believe Ward may become Hive:

1. The Hydra Connection!

Ward is a huge part of Hydra, and has heavy links to them, as does this creature now in control of his body, which is somehow responsible for the very existence of Hydra! Seems like that is a huge tick in the box for this villain being Hive!

2. He was a Secret Warriors Villain!

The very first appearance of Hive was when he came up against the Secret Warriors in their own ongoing series, and it just so happens that the team of Inhumans Daisy is currently gathering are often compared very closely to being the Secret Warriors.

3. He had mind control abilities!

In the comics, Hive was able to use spores fired from his own body to control others, and while this is unlikely to happen on the show, the creature inside Ward has some level of mind control capability, meaning it is quite possible that it will be able to control others to some extent while retaining possession of Ward.

4. The Movement Under the Skin!

When Ward reappeared at the very end of the midseason finale, there was something crawling underneath his skin, in his head. I don't want to jump to conclusions about what this could mean, but it certainly sounds... parasitic in nature. Starting to see how there is almost no other possibility than that this villain is Hive?

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Do you think Ward has become Hive?


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