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Unfortunately the world has lost another great this week in Alan Rickman. I'm not going to act like some fangirl now that he's passed; I admit I haven't seen everything he's been in but that doesn't stop me from being able to see he was a talented individual. His range as an actor is ridiculous from the villainous Hans Gruber from Die Hard, Metatron in Dogma and many more. My favourites being Metatron, Judge Turpin (I'm sorry Alan, but your singing will always make me smile), Marvin the robot and of course Severus Snape to name a few.

So here's a digital painting of Snape, my personal favourite Rickman role; let me know what you think!

I know most have snubbed others for only seeing Rickman as Snape but in honesty what's wrong with that? For me, Snape was my introduction to Alan Rickman, and yes for a bit after if I saw him in anything else I'd say “Oh it's Snape”. But like other Rickman films I've seen, he is consistant in being brilliant at whoever he's portraying.

What's your favourite Alan Rickman role? What films can you suggest as must sees?

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