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Hey Fellow Star Wars nerds, Dan here and I think I've worked out who Supreme Leader Snoke is!

Wait for it...


What if Jar Jar actually never was actually Jar Jar to begin with. There are plenty of people who together have come up with many convincing arugments that Jar Jar must be a Sith Lord, but my suggestion is that he is not just ANY Sith Lord, but Darth Plagueis himself. Now, many of you are probably thinking

"But Dan, wouldn't Palpatine have recognised his old master, and what about Binks's established history among the gungans?"

Well, here's my theory. If we assume that Plagueis is still a Muun in the new canon, then he would need to disguise himself as someone tall enough to match his true form, and a gungan would be perfect for the bill. Furthermore, picking a socially outcast, clumsy one would not only serve to help him make contact with the Jedi but also substantially limit their chances of suspecting who he is.

Now you're probably thinking "But Dan, how the hell did he look exactly like a Gungan?",

To which I will answer that he uses his strength in the to Dark Side of the Force to project an image around himself of whatever he wishes to look like, in this case using the technique to imitate Jar Jar Binks, and use the gungan's well known clumsiness to his advantage, all while using the force to influence senator Amidala to bring him further and further into the circles of the politics in Coruscant, where he could manipulate the senate into a position where the Dark Side would consume the Jedi and become dominant over the light.

"But Dan-", I here you wondering, "Why would he want the apprentice who betrayed and apparently killed him to have control of the republic and shroud it in the Dark Side?",

To which I will answer: To crush the influence of the Jedi and bring all force users into a situation in which they will have to be registered by a totalitarian regime, making them easier for him to then recruit into the Knights of Ren, while the Jedi aren't there to fight against him. It’s entirely possible that Snoke, acting as Jar Jar Binks, may have even helped the Rebel Alliance to take out Palpatine so that there were no other Dark Side users with conflicting ideals, and so that he could have revenge on Palpatine.

"But Dan", I once again hear you ask, "How did he trick Palpatine into thinking that he'd killed him?"

To which I would reply "my version of Plagueis would be a master of Force Projection. He is able to project his will upon the midichlorians and could have used that will to make them cauterise any wounds, or have simply projected an image of himself on the bed. Then again, maybe Palpatine was just completely wrong when he said that Plagueis "could save others from death... but not himself."" Perhaps he just didn't want Palpatine to learn such a power, fearing that the power-crazed sociopath would use it for the wrong reasons, or maybe he just wanted the knowledge for himself.

"But Dan", I hear you ask in your heads, "Haven't Abrams and co. all specifically stated that he ISN'T a Sith Lord??"

To which I will respond, "Isn't it possible the Plagueis had become disillusioned with what the Sith had become or with their very goals at heart, and had set upon a new course to lead the people of the Dark Side, thus he was "no longer a Sith", and perhaps took up the name "Snoke" as it was his name BEFORE becoming a member of the Sith? Then again, Abrams might just be lying, because he did tell us that Cumberbatch would NOT be playing Khan in Star Trek: Into Darkness, and we all know how untrue that turned out to be.

"But Dan", I hear you groan, wondering why you are still reading this nonsensical fan theory, ”What happened to the REAL Jar Jar, and wasn’t Plagueis still alive during the events of Phantom Menace?

To which I will respond that as the excellent novel “Darth Plagueis” by James Luceno is no longer in canon with the new series, it’s entrely possible that in the new canon, Palpatine (thought that he) killed Plagueis earlier on in this timeline, and that Plagueis (the real Plagueis) had already gone to Naboo by this point, killed the REAL Jar Jar and taken up his identity using Force Projection.

So, that’s my theory.

And if you don’t believe me, here’s a video interview with Ahmed Best (Jar Jar’s original actor), and just watch how freaking creepy the “Taken” scene (starting at 8:51 on the video) is, and TELL ME that you don’t CRAVE the ability to see him as a Sith Lord with that voice, if anything, just using it very briefly to mock the reublic for how easily he infiltrated it, before then going back to using Andy Serkis’s creepy as hell voice we already heard in The Force Awakens.


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