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With all the recent hype around Civil War, its fair to say a lot of the focus has been on Spider-Man. Its safe to say that Tom Holland is not just doing a cameo in the latest Captain America film, but a more significant role. A role that will have a key part in the general direction of the story.

But who's side is Spider-Man on?

You can understand why Marvel are keeping very quiet about all the Spider-man scenes currently being filmed. I personally would like to wait till the film is released to find out how much the web head is involved. But what ever side he is on, its going to involve loads of action.

There's also been rumors of Iron Man creating a special suit for Spidey, so it only seems fair for Peter Parker to fight against Captain America. Or, is Spider-man the superhero that creates piece between the two? Who knows. To be honest its looking like Iron Man has him firmly at his side.


Whats side do you think Spider-Man is on?

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