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I have read and re-read all the HP books many times and seen the movies just as much. I love watching movies and then going out and reviewin
Candice Dunn

Good reads has issued book challenge. The popular book community has challenged its members to read books or book series that they been wanting read but haven't had the the time. Here are a few books you might want to add to the list of you haven't already.

1. Southern Vampire series (aka True Blood)

As a telepathic waitress we follow Sookie as she finds comfort in a Vampire's empty thoughts. She finds herself defending her life, family and friends against all enemies.

2. The House of Night

16 yr old Zoey thought worrying about high school exams were the least of her problems until she becomes a powerful Vampire High Priestess in training at the Tulsa House of Night (a school for vampire fledglings.) Zo and her friends come across a huge secret about fledglings who were supposed to have rejected the change, and this change everything. Follow along to see where things lead.

3. Witch & Wizard Series

The Allgood siblings fight against various enemies to bring back music and books to the world.

4. Harry Potter

Follow along as Harry and His friends overcome obstacles and defend the wizarding world from He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.

I bid you all good luck in your reading adventures.


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