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Whether you're alone, or on a Netflix date at home, here are a few shows and movies on Netflix to make your boring afternoon a blast!

This Netflix Original, known as "BoJack Horseman" really tops the cake. This goofy adult animation takes place in a world where animals walk on 2 legs and give snarky replies on practically every matter. The show revolves around BoJack, a horse who starred in a classic TV program but has hit rock bottom. What will BoJack need to do to get back on top? With a total of 24 episodes, every episode filled with wild mischeif and hilarious one liners, BoJack Horseman is a perfect way to waste your afternoon.

This cult-film Classic starring Winona Ryder revolves around the life as a girl named Veronica and her life as a "Heather." These "Heathers" are like the original "Mean Girls." Causing drama and getting revenge is the name of their game, but what happens when Veronica feels like things are just getting out of hand? From forging a suicide note, to committing murder her life will never be the same.

Created by Tina Fey, this Netflix original comedy is one of a kind. Starring Ellie Kemper as Kimmy Schmidt, the show follows Kimmy's life after escaping captivity from a crazed cult leader who trapped her and three other women in a bunker for 15 years. Being deemed as a, "Mole Women" Kimmy wishes to live out her life in New York then to return to her hometown. Getting a job as a nanny and having a gay roommate is just the beginning of Kimmy's new life.

One of Quentin Tarantino's most memorable films, Kill Bill is an action packed and drama filled movie, with notable humorous aspects and plenty of fake blood. After being betrayed by her former colleagues this assassin is out for revenge, under the code-name, "Black Mamba" this snake will do whatever it takes to take down the man that changed her life forever.

What happens when one girl is on the brink of being evicted of out of her apartment, and another girl finds herself homeless after being dumped? They move in together. What happens when these two girls are in the desperate need of cash? They start a phone sex line. "For A Good Time, Call..." is a comedy you will never forget. Filled with plenty of vulgar humor and a couple of soft spots every chick-flick needs, you'll be wanting to call these girls pretty soon.

Starring Amy Poehler as Lesie Knope, Parks and Recreation will be yet another NBC comedy we will never forget. Directed in documentary style, the show follows Lesie Knope as the head of the Parks and Recreation department in her hometown of Pawnee. Her life is far from boring, filled with excitement of planning forums and the constant drama her and her co-workers find themselves in.

With an abundant amount of notable actors and actresses, 30 Rock will be one of the most well remebered shows on NBC. With Tina Fey as Liz Lemon, head writer for the hit show, "The Girlie Show," we follow her life as she struggles with controlling her staff, trying to get her love life together, and having to babysit the star of her show Tracy Morgan. 30 Rock is literally a comedy within a comedy. With well written dialogue and an outstanding story, what isn't there to love about 30 Rock?

Winner of a Prime-Time Emmy, Bob's Burgers is an animated-comedy filled with unimaginable scenarios, memorable quotes, and plenty of well rounded humor. Revolving around a family of unique characters and personalities, no character is remotely the same. With both hilarious, and heart warming moments, Bob's Burgers is a one of a kind comedy,


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