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Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events is a children's book series quite unlike any other — as anybody who's read them will attest — and Netflix is banking on Snicket's stories translating into an equally eccentric series with some seriously impressive casting.

Those who saw the 2004 fantasy film adaptation will probably recall that Jim Carrey gave a wildly entertaining performance as Count Olaf, the villainous guardian who stalks the three Baudelaire orphans — and their fortune — while donning a series of increasingly elaborate disguises...

From Gunther, the pinstripe suit-wearing auctioneer, to Coach Genghis, a gym teacher who uses a turban to cover his unibrow, Olaf's disguises invariably fool everybody except the children themselves.

In short, the Count is an absolute riot of a character, a villain so stunningly evil and intent on bringing misery and despair to the series's three young heroes that whichever actor plays him needs to find a dash of black comedy in even the most murderous of Olaf's schemes.

And, unhappily for the Baudelaires, Netflix has found just the man...

How I Met Your Mother star Neil Patrick Harris will grow out his unibrow and step into Olaf's chunky, tattoo-covering boots when the series begins shooting. Judging by the above tweet, he's not wasting any time in getting into character.

Not an awful lot more is yet known about A Series of Unfortunate Events, although showrunner Mark Hudis recently left the project, which might explain why things have been moving so painfully slowly on this.

It's never a bad time to revisit the original movie (personally, I love it, even if it doesn't quite capture the quirky black humor of the books) — and you can check out this truly stunning trailer released last Summer, which was eventually revealed to be fanmade but looks startlingly real.

Alternatively, dip into the books. They're really not just for kids. In fact, children who do read them will probably have their pure hearts corrupted and come to view the world as a place full of darkness, damp and misery, just like I did.

Netflix hasn't announced when the show will unleash its unique brand of despair, but you've got a while to prepare yourself for something epic, because it's unlikely to be much before Christmas.


Will Neil Patrick Harris nail the evil of Count Olaf?


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