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As [American Horror Story: Hotel](tag:3561561) came to a close this week, focus has already shifted to Season 6. Over the next few months more details will emerge regarding the upcoming season, but until then viewers will continue to predict and speculate on the theme for next season. Thanks to FX boss John Landgraf, it has been revealed that the season will be set in two time periods, primarily in the present. Hey, that's a start, right? Of course we want to know the theme but the cast announcement is just as important, if not more. I decided to make a wish list of recurring and possible returning AHS cast members that I would love to see for Season 6 next fall!

1. Jessica Lange

The ultimate AHS queen! Constance, Sister Jude, Fiona, Elsa Mars — all such mesmerizing characters. There is no question Lange's characters helped make this show what is today, but unfortunately Lange decided to step aside from AHS after Season 4. The rest of the cast surely stepped up in Season 5 with Hotel but it still seemed like something was missing. There have been rumors that Jessica Lange will make a return and I feel like her time with AHS isn't over yet. Maybe a smaller role and a little convincing from showrunner Ryan Murphy will do the trick!

2. Lady Gaga

I will admit, I was pretty skeptical when Lady Gaga was announced to appear in Season 5. I figured by losing Jessica Lange, they needed some kind of big star power to fill her shoes but boy was I wrong. Gaga's portrayal of the Countess was so captivating, to the point that I would get mad when she wasn't getting enough screen time. She is also rumored to be coming back so let's hope it's true.

3. Sarah Paulson

I just automatically assume Sarah Paulson will be back because she has been such a prominent piece in the AHS anthology. She is definitely one of my favorite recurring cast members and it is obvious Ryan Murphy loves her considering she is appearing in his new series, American Crime Story premiering in February.

4. Denis O'Hare

Appearing in all but one season so far (Asylum), there is no question, I want Denis O'Hare back. Hands down Denis O'Hare played the most interesting and entertaining character in Hotel. The Countess might have been in charge but Liz Taylor was the real queen of the Cortez!

5. Angela Bassett

Angela Bassett was an amazing addition to the cast back in Season 3 and I am glad they kept her around. She has played some super powerful and badass characters so I hope her roles continue to grow. Good news is that Ryan Murphy reportedly had too much to drink after the Golden Globes and told Bassett who she will be playing for next season.

6. Evan Peters

Another AHS vet who I expect to be back. Peters's range has been impressive considering how much his roles have grown. He is the youngest male in the cast but he usually has pretty intense story lines which he always knocks out of the park. Plus his star is on the rise so why not get him to come back?

7. Wes Bentley

I really enjoyed Wes Bentley's character's story arc this past season so I would really like to see him come back. Even though he was somewhat new to the series (appearing in a small role in Season 4), he took on a big role and seemed to gel with the characters, so it would be interesting to see what they come up with for him in another season.

8. Emma Roberts

An AHS alum and star of Murphy's other show Scream Queens has reportedly been asked to come back for Season 6. News broke this week that Scream Queens has been renewed for a second season and will follow the formula of AHS with a new theme each season. Maybe Roberts can do double duty and star in both?

9. Jamie Lee Curtis

Speaking of Scream Queens, can we please have the OG scream queen make an appearance on AHS? Maybe just for one episode?!

10. Taissa Farmiga, Dylan McDermott, Connie Britton

Season 1's Murder House will always be one of my favorites and I would love a reunion with some of the cast. Taissa Farmiga hasn't appeared since Season 3 because she has probably been a little busy with movies (indie slasher movie The Final Girls) and another show, but considering the show was canceled maybe Ryan Murphy can get her to come back. Similar situation with Dylan McDermott, last appearing in Season 2, but his most recent show was canceled so maybe he needs some work. And let us not forget Connie Britton! Yes, I know she is still on Nashville but she agreed to appear in American Crime Story so maybe she can do the same with AHS. While she's at it maybe she can bring Nashville co-star Hayden Panettiere since we all know she likes to dive into horror related projects every so often (such as the video game Until Dawn)!

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