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So far 2016 has been a rocky start for a lot of British performers. We lost a music icon, David Bowie and then lost a great actor, Alan Rickman. While these two men have affected many people’s lives, but I wanted to focus on another celebrity death that recently happened.

Brian Bedford passed away last Wednesday at the age of 80, and some of may not realize how he was a part of your childhood. He was the voice actor for none other:

Disney’s Robin Hood. That clever ole fox.

Disney's Robin Hood
Disney's Robin Hood

Robin Hood is one of my favorite work of literature and the Disney version is definitely on the top of the list. It was the movie my parents named my thumb sucking "The King" because of Prince John thumb sucking whenever he is reminded of his mother.

But Robin Hood was precisely the most clever, funniest, (and suave) characters I’ve ever watched while growing up. You can’t deny that Brian Bedford voice acting made this fictional fox so attractive. (No shame!)

Brian Bedford was not only a voice actor, he was a well renowned Broadway actor as well. Featuring in a lot Shakespearean roles and he was also won multiple Tony and Drama Desk awards.

May his works live on forever. Rest In Peace, Brian Bedford.

Brian Bedford (via
Brian Bedford (via

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