ByLd Kristoffer J Chelidoni, writer at
Ld Kristoffer J Chelidoni

So another fan theory another day. I loved Big Hero 6 and in the fluff of life I actually forgot to see, can you believe this, Astro Boy...yeah I know...don't say it.

Anyway, I'm watching Astro Boy and I saw what looked like a rusted Baymax, named ZOG.

Now, in Big Hero 6, Baymax is programmed to be fairly intelligent, yet throughout the film, there aren't many robots. Baymax is, for all intents and purposes, the pinnacle of robotics.

So, imagine if you will, that the future of the Big Hero 6 universe is rife with Robots after Baymax becomes the standard. Then something happens, like nuclear war or some other disaster befalls earth (Astro Boy indicates it's fossil fuel and climate change), and the story of Astro Boy is setup to take place.

So the question is, just what happened between Big Hero 6 and Astro Boy?

If you've found similarities or interesting coincidences between these two films, share them in the comments.


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