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I am more excited for Suicide Squad than I am for Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice.

There. I said it. And the recent posters and newest trailer prove why.

While We Are Making Confessions....

I've always liked Marvel properties better. Maybe because I saw the X-Men and Spiderman cartoons before the Batman one. Maybe it was because The Runaways was the first comic I actually read. Maybe it was because X-men was the first comic-book movie I saw, even if that one is made by Fox. Whatever the reason is, I've always cared more about Marvel movies than I probably should have.

This doesn't mean I hated DC. Young Justice is one of my favorite cartoons ever. I absolutely love the Tim Burton Batman films. And the current Batgirl comic run is awesome. With that being said, I wasn't a fan of Man Of Steel. I felt it was kind of boring and took itself too serious.

So, you can imagine my dubious feelings towards the upcoming slate of DC movies. And the more I see of BvS, the more that feeling grows. However, the more I see of Suicide Squad, the more I am convinced I will love that move.

Just Look At All The Color

Man of Steel had a very washed out look to it. And B.V.S is all grays and blacks. And the newest poster for Justice League looks very similar. They all portray a serious look. They make you feel like you are going to a movie that may not be that much fun.

Suicide Squad is the complete opposite. Their posters are full of color. They look fun. And, honestly, they look happy. Just look at Harley Quinn in the poster above. Or at this cool design:

Doesn't it just look like it is happy to be a movie? That they are just here if have a little fun?

And isn't that the point?

The Movie Just Looks Fun!

Yes, a comic-book movie doesn't have to be joked-filled. Yes, they can be serious and still be good. The Dark Knight is certainly a case for this. And I won't argue with anyone who prefers their movies on the darker side of things. I just want mine to be a little bit more fun.

B.V.S. seems like a serious discussion about the differences in powered people and non-powered people. Man Of Steel was about a god finding his place among humans. Both of these make good stories. However, they don't always make the most fun of stories.

Suicide Squad just looks fun. I mean, the trailer has Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” in it. They are villains that are happy to be villains. The movie might be more serious than it appears to be, and that is okay, but right now it just looks like a good time.

More That I think About It, It Might Just Be Zack Snyder

Think about. I wasn't a big fan of Man Of Steel. I am worried about B.V.S. And Justice League looks very similar to those movies. Suicide Squad isn't Snyder. It has almost nothing to do with the man.

And the more I see of the Wonder Woman movie, the more excited I am for that movie. Just look at this footage released the other day.

Yes, it looks a lot like the other films. And it isn't a lot of footage. But it just feels different to me. The way Patty Jenkins, the director of the 2017 film, just gives me hope in a way that Snyder doesn't.

It Might Just Be Me

And I am okay with that. Suicide Squad might be terrible. B.V.S. might be the better movie. And Wonder Woman could be another Catwoman. But whatever the outcome is, I can say this: I am more excited for the DCU than I have ever been.


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