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Two things are certain in Hollywood: any movie with Tom Hanks, Morgan Freeman or Harrison Ford is gonna be golden, and with every successful blockbuster comes a parody.

Top Gun (and Rambo!) got...

...Hot Shots

Robin Hood got...

...Men in Tights

Because you KNOW the legend had it coming...but still, R.I.P. Cartoon Robin Hood Voice Guy.

Scream got Scary Movie

Every teen druh druh drama got Not Another Teen Movie

Bahaha...Captain Amerijock
Bahaha...Captain Amerijock

Every zombie movie ever made got Shaun of the Dead

And Star Wars? Yep-

Funny thing; Mel Brooks asked Tom Hanks to play Lone Starr!

Here's what I think needs to happen, now that Star Wars: The Force Awakens has been released, and is on track to be the highest grossing film ever, what do we need? That's right! A freakin' parody!

Now, if you're on top of things, you know that back in February of last year, Mel sat down with Adam Carola and discussed the possibility of making a Spaceballs 2.

That obviously hasn't happened yet, and typically, it's a good idea to wait until after all the originals have come out to parody it. Just think about how you looked at Scream 1, 2 and 3 after you watched Scary Movie 1, 2, all the way to 20...not so scary after that, now was it?

But seeing how pretty much everyone in Hollywood is kicking the bucket right now, I think the time is right for Mel Brooks to dust off that big-ass dark helmet, find the right actor, and get to it!

Also, seeing as how Planet of the Apes, Star Wars, and Alien (sort of; AVP and AVP:R in the recent past, Prometheus in 2012, Alien: Covenant in 2017, and Ridley Scott wanting 3 sequels to Prometheus) have been revived and are still being revived very successfully, we need that parody!

And who would make...

Spaceballs: The Farce Awakens

...a smash hit?

Supreme Leader Snookie

No, no NO, Snookie shouldn't play Snookie.

Ken Jeong would ROCK it, though! You know you've miss him since that naked car trunk scene in The Hangover.

Bill Murray

Y-Lo Ken

Who else would you want as the main villain?

Mel Brooks

Old Lone Starr

And who else to appear as an elderly Princes Vespa?

Betty Freakin' White!

Warwick Davis


He's been in every other movie ever made, from Harry Potter to Leprechaun to The Force Awakens, so why not this one too? Ron Lester was able to spoof his own character Billy Bob from Varsity Blues in Not Another Teen Movie as Reggie Ray, so maybe Warwick would be up to being Yoda's alter short guy, Yolo.


Rebel Wilson

It was either her or Anna Faris, and I think Anna's spoof-o-meter has been maxed out.


Marlon Wayans

Who better to play the token...well you know. He's pretty much the king of spoofs too, thanks to his Scary Movie stuff.

Derp (aka Barf, aka Chewie)

Rob Schneider

Even though nobody can ever replace John Candy, Rob might be able to come close! He was pheNOMenal in The Animal! Right? Wasn't he? ...Hello?

So many funny actors and actresses, so little time! Who would you like to be in the new Spaceballs?


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