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Steve Hernandez

I once watched this show about astronomy that described what happens when galaxies collide. To put it simply, it is violence on an unimaginable scale. Then I thought about what would happen if our relatively dull Milky Way reality "collided" with the more imaginative version produced in George's head.

What if Star Destroyers and Imperial shuttles became our norm? R2 D2, with his super hacking skills, would be a bitcoin billionaire, and might even decide to run for President. Iran would do whatever they could to make a deal with whatever Sith lord was pulling the strings in order to get some Death Star technology. C-3P0 would probably be an ambassador to the US and knowing his luck he would soon be kidnapped for ransom or have the bad luck to be in the wrong embassy at the wrong time on the anniversary of, well, you know, the destruction of the first Death Star. Han would own a good chunk of South America's illegal drug exports and of course some slimy Hutt would be getting free help from the government to track him down. I could go on and on, and of course I'm being silly, but it would be a mess.

To me, and certainly to other Star Wars fans, particularly the ones that grew up with this story from its beginning, what we've seen in this last movie is the galaxy of corporate Hollywood T-bone our beloved series of solar systems far far away. No one saw the accident of course, except an elderly couple who don't use their cell phones except to make phone calls, and an occupy Empire/ Gungans Matter protester who felt a tingle from the force telling him that the galaxy that just got totaled was being driven by a racist, and so deserved it anyway.

The policeman at the scene would've arrested somebody over it, but hey, he doesn't want to get sued, or lose his job, so money changes hands, and nothing ever officially happened. The classic galaxy never stood a chance, being made of imagination, diligent study of theater, myth, war footage, classic imagery, characters with inner struggles, moral dilemmas, intricate plot twists, chrome, steel--you know, junk.

The Hollywood galaxy was made of solid stuff: market research, politically correct casting, familiarity to other movies. The engine I think was made by Yugo, but who cares Yo! Cuz the whole thing got the bling: encased in a thick layer of solid gold.


Why Lucas? Well, I because I know that classic would blow the doors off that gold encrusted clown car in a real race. And because by Lucas' own admission it was a story for the child in us, as opposed to the angst-filled teen or the bitter old man within us. It's a story, a story of family, a story of moral struggle, a story of intimate relationship between student and teacher, a story of adventure yes, but also every bit a story of Hamlet, and The Tempest, with the classic themes of human struggle--plus it had a big block engine of a musical score and a very well chosen cast. It was art in every sense of the word.

I don't care how much this last movie made. They typically don't play "I like big butts" at weddings--they play something by Bach, and the wedding march by Wagner (hundreds of years after they were composed). Actors worldwide don't usually study the scripts from TV sitcoms like 'Friends' or 'Seinfeld' in order to understand and excel in their craft, no. But hundreds of years later, they do study Shakespeare. The Lucas galaxy will stand the test of time, even the much maligned prequels will, I think, be in the long run be considered genuine, unique works of art that really stand out in the backdrop of other high grossing or even notable award winning movies. They were all something special.

In time, gold always gets melted down and sold. In the grand scheme of things, gold is cheap. But some things are timeless, and priceless, and are passed on from generation to generation as a means of transmitting values, morals and culture. Star Wars has become a part of that culture. I think it is worth it to salvage the classic Lucas vision. Few would know the name Bach were it not for Mendelssohn. For Star Wars, I in my own way will be a Mendelssohn. I know I'm not alone.


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