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Heart-wrenching and captivating; Room translated to me the genuine struggles of a mother held captive in a small room, locked with regrets and 'what ifs' - contrasting her son whose only safe haven is in that room, which she is entrapped in. A story of two individuals finding themselves once again after escaping and adjusting to the world she once knew, and the world he's about to discover. An emotionally gripping movie, aided by the melancholy soundtrack and brilliant screenplay that left me uncomfortable and warm at the same time.

Brie Larson
- definitely well-deserved Golden Globe, and I think she'll snag the award at the Oscars. Larson was able to keep you in suspense with her worried facial expressions and portray the reality of a mother coping to earn back the years she's lost. Only wish Jacob Tremblay got nominated as well because he performed well above his age, showing strength in his character and a certain sense of 'awe-inspiring' innocence. And I hope it also wins for Best Adapted Screenplay cause it's unlike any other 'held-captive' movie I've ever seen.

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