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I think out of all the games out for the Xbox One, Destiny right now is my favorite. Such a small underdog game that is slowly growing into so much more. It all started with the mere fact that Bungie was about to release its next big game. Bungie, the creators of the epic game series Halo. Obviously there was going to be serious hype over the game, and unfortunately that is what most people saw, it was just all hype no game.

When the game came out in September 9, 2014, we heard a lot of down sides to the game. I think the most common issues people had with the game was the fact that it was online only and the story line. Because it is online only there is no multiplayer on the same console.If you had friends or siblings you wanted to play with, both you and your friend had to play on a separate console and you both had to have Xbox Live to play online. The story line there was,no story line! There was a series of clips and the floating Peter Dinklage buddy of yours that let you in on a few facts. As far as you knew you were there as a guardian and you needed to take down Crota. It was a bit confusing for me to grasp what was going on but it came together soon enough. There is also Grimoire cards you can collect and they would tell you more about the story but for that you had to hop on your computer to read them.

Next came our DLC (downloadable content) which came with a price. I was skeptic about all of this at first once the game released.All I heard were horror stories but decided to give it a try. First came the Dark Below which gave me chills when I first heard of it. Something about being surrounded by the Hive just gave me goosebumps. Here you had to face the big bad wolf Crota and something about being in the Dark Below has an eerie feel to it.You're not just shooting at aliens anymore,you're dealing with something dark and powerful.

After that came the House of Wolves. This let you explore and understand the world of the Awoken. Later after that,just recently released,the Taken King:the latest DLC. It brought us back to the darkness to defeat Crota's father Oryx.

The truth is,it started off as maybe something confusing and different and it has expanded to so much more. Bungie took us into this world and has continued to make it grow, and will still continue to make it better. We've even seen Sparrow Racing (SRL). In the end I couldn't think of a better team game. But tell me what you think, Destiny, ye or nay?


Destiny good game or hate it?


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